why my toolshed is like your SAP system

27 January, 2017

By Simon Schmidt

Working in an office environment for the past 14 years, I occasionally get the urge to go outdoors and do some hard, manual labor. Dig a hole. Cut down a tree. Just to try to restore the last pathetic fragments of a lost masculinity. So was the case the other day when I said to my wife: “I think I’ll go out and put some nails in the fence for that new birdcage”. No response. “First I’ll go to the tool store for a new hammer”. Then she coolly commented: “Maybe you should check the toolshed first”. And as always, she was right. There in the dark corner lay a brand-new hammer – I hadn’t even unwrapped it yet!

I sometimes get the impression that enterprises confronted with a wide range of cloud offerings tend to forget what they already got in the shed. Dazzled by new cloud UI’s as a quick fix for the end-users, we lose the awareness of what is packed away in the dark corner of the shed….unwrapped.

One of those tools is SAP Fiori. It’s already paid for by you and waiting in the shed to impress with a stunning UI and by conducting those SAP transactions we all fear in the SAP GUI. It requires a SAP Gateway, but once in place, you can bring your SAP system to meet the UI expectation of your end-users with minimum effort. Take for instance the Fiori My Timesheet as an alternative to CATS.


This transformation is a minor change with a massive effect. SAP Fiori can be executed from your PC, smartphone or tablet. So why not use it? You already paid for it.

2BM are experts at ‘sorting out your shed’ and taking advantage of the standard out-of-the-box tools. We do these implementations in a SCRUM manner – fast and furiously. So please, contact us and together we can discover what can be done.

Simon Schmidt

Simon Schmidt

is a Senior Consultant at 2BM. He is highly experienced in SuccessFactors, HCM, and User Interfaces including Fiori.

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