What's love got to do with S/4HANA?

14. februar 2017

by Janus Sørensen

Honey, I know we’ve just met but let’s get married….right away!

You might get swept away and fall deeply in love at first sight… and of course you should follow your heart. After all, love is the greatest thing in the world! However, having your heart broken feels much like hitting rock bottom. That’s why you might hesitate and back off, simply because you are afraid to move too fast. To fail!

Finding the right partner in life is like climbing a mountain. To reach the summit, it’s just one small final step, but also so much more than that. It’s an achievement! It’s the result of hard work filled with ups and downs. Step by step, at your own pace, you get closer to reaching your goal. The goal of knowing your partner, yourself and…well…being prepared for any challenges in the future. Don’t rush it, you need to build a solid relationship while enjoying the process.

The same basic feeling and instinct hits you every time you are on the brink of making significant decisions. You shouldn’t rush it! You want to be sure the decision is right, to be fully equipped and able to handle any challenge you and your partner might face together.

If you are in Finance, ERP or IT you can’t have missed what SAP calls “The next big thing” – S/4HANA. The benefits of increased performance and improved UI are tempting – but how will the journey be? Have you missed any pitfalls? Getting clarity and weighing all the options can feel like an unclimbable mountain. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a partner that could let you experience what life with S/4HANA would actually be like, without the full commitment?

At 2BM we have developed “Dating with HANA”. A concept that gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with S/4HANA in an environment like that of your future S/4HANA solution. Step by step, you become introduced to the world of SAP S/4HANA; how it can change your business and how it can help get you prepared for the future. You will discover if you are in fact a match and eventually… maybe even…get married!

Janus Sørensen

Janus Sørensen

is an ERP architect at 2BM. He is highly experienced in the FI/CO area as well as in the HANA S/4 platform.

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