What is SAP?

What is SAP?

SAP is a software solution that streamlines, organizes, and improves your company’s processes.

Many large and mid-sized Danish companies use SAP for their business processes. SAP can be used for logistics and operation. For marketing, invoicing and sales. For hiring and personnel management. And much more.

For more than 40 years, SAP has been abreast of the technological development. That is why SAP can offer their customers a technologically advanced platform ready to tackle the digital, mobile, and other various challenges awaiting companies in the next decade. A decade which will make heavy demands on agility and adaptability. SAP is a solution with lots of possibilities and very high scalability, but it is also a standardized frame system which is fast and easy to make a start on. For that reason, SAP is a qualified candidate for the system that can ensure the development of your company.


The world’s third largest manufacturer of administrative software

+94.900 employees in more than 130 countries

+17.000 partners worldwide

+413.000 customers in more than 180 countries

What does SAP stand for?

SAP is an abbreviation of Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte. These systems, solutions, and products can handle the following tasks in your company:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Finance and controlling
  • The classical tasks – HR, Sales & Distribution, CRM, Material Management, Production Planning and Project Management.

The great advantage of SAP’s solutions is their adaptability to your business processes. Customizations are made in specially designed tables so there is no need for coding – it is quick and easy which means fewer costs for you. If this does not go far enough, the system’s core functionality can be developed further.

Through the years, SAP has acquired a reputation for having a poor user interface. In the past, SAP put emphasis on effective reporting screen displays, but today the user interface is much more user-oriented. It is easy to both use and adapt without loss of effectiveness. In recent versions, machine learning functions provide automation of previously manual processes.


From monolith to a cloud platform

When the first SAP system (R1) came out in 1972 it was a monolith system based on a mainframe. SAP has continuously been developing the system and the latest version – SAP S/4HANA – is offered both as an on-premise solution and in a cloud-based version.

Today, SAP is one of the world’s strongest cloud platforms. SAP also supports and uses open source technologies and the portfolio includes many cloud-based products:

  • Concour – travel expenses
  • SuccessFactors – HR solution
  • Ariba – purchase solution
  • Fieldglass – flexible workforce
  • Cloud for Customer (C4C) – CRM solution
  • Hybris – marketing solution.

Also, SAP has always contained a strong development platform; the first was SAP NetWeaver and the latest is SAP Cloud Platform. By means of these platforms, SAP’s core functionality can be extended with functions demanded by the individual customer for optimizing business processes.

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