SuccessFactors Compensation

– New combined Compensation and Variable Pay worksheet

With SAP’s recent announcement of a new combined Compensation and Variable Pay worksheet, we will look at the implications for current and new SuccessFactors customers including migration from today’s single-module worksheets.

As of this Summer, you can combine your SuccessFactors Compensation and Variable Pay plans into a single Total Compensation Plan designed to give your planners a more holistic view of the employees’ total financial reward, while also reducing HR’s administration workload.

The Total Compensation plan makes it easier to integrate for instance sales employees with high amounts of variable pay and executives with higher LTI components into your compensation cycle.

Join us for a quick tour into these exciting possibilities.



Wednesday 03/10 at 15.00 -15.45 CET


  • Introduction
  • Total Compensation Plan
  • What is supported and what is not?
  • Future developments
  • Q&A
  • With our extensive experience in SAP HCM, 2BM has been one of the leading SAP partners within SAP HCM since 2000 and since SAP purchased SuccessFactors in 2011, we have helped a number of customers in the Journey from  SAP HCM on-premise to SuccessFactors.
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