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Thank you for a good and really well-organised User group meeting with the theme ‘The future for SAP HCM’

The meeting initially gave the representatives of all participating companies the opportunity to share their respective SAP HCM status and solution here-and-now.

Next, SAP SE Michael Bonrat reviewed the development that SAP HCM has undergone in recent years, until today, when many will be on the threshold of a future SuccessFactors Cloud HCM solution, with a focus on Employee Central (EC).

There was a thorough review of the migration scenarios/plans that customers can choose on this journey, over the coming years, until 2030,

Including what opportunities/limitations this will entail, and a little about the financial/licensing consequences.

I found the meeting to be reasonably detailed, which is appropriate for the respective people responsible for SAP HCM solutions in the various companies. And at the same time it became a way to voice their opinions for all the participants.

Jesper Jensen

Senior SAP HR Consultant, IT Applications, AJVaccines

It was quite interesting to participate and get confirmation of the complex picture that is right now on SAP HCM. It works fine with input from participants and from keynote speakers. Thus, a quite nuanced picture is obtained. I like to participate in similar events.
Kim Kongstad

IT-PARTNER, Energinet

35 55 55 75