Gateway OData Service – troubleshooting and detailed tracing in ABAP

I have recently come across a situation, where bad performance of one of my custom developed OData service caused a lot of issues, and where I was forced to think out-of-the-box to come up with ways to perform detailed tracing. And now I want to share these with you guys.

In this blog post I will show some tools for logging and tracing OData calls in the Gateway as well as in the SAP Backend. Furthermore, I will show how OData calls can be captured in the ABAP Runtime Analysis tool (SAT) in the SAP backend for very detailed analysis of all steps being carried out in the backend.

The Runtime Analysis Tool is known by most ABAP developers, but I will show how a capture can be scheduled, so an OData call from a browser can trigger the creation of a measurement for further analysis.

In SAT it is possible to view things like: Which DB tables are being updated, which coding blocks are being called, and how many times, as well as runtime in microseconds for each call, and much more.

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