Total Project Management

How we run projects

The IT implementation is important but it is not everything. he new solution needs to fit with your business processes and governance model, your user community team must understand how the system changes impact their work, and system and processes must fulfill the compliance requirements defined for you with regard to data maintenance, data approvals, and GDPR.

We call it Total Project Management.

Total Project Management

HCM projects are business projects and should be run as such, not only focusing on the ITdelivery. We work with an approach that encapsulates the ITdelivery as part of the greater picture, where not one component can stand alone Total Project Management , as we like to call it.

At 2BM we differentiate ourselves from the traditional ITdelivery smodel, and we recognize that a SAP SuccessFactors project is much more than an IT project. Although technology, integrations, interfaces etc. fcontinue to be of major importance, it remains within the execution of the HR processes, and the interaction between Employee and Manager that the true business value is generated. We truly recognize the importanceof ​​Change Management and have proven that effective change management has a significant impact on ser adoption rates, which is an important KPI in HR system implementation projects, and business value.

A project’s ITdelivery has little to do in the execution of these processes, and therefore most decisions in a SAP SuccessFactors project are taken for the business and by the business to support the execution of these business processes. Therefore, we must ensure that the ITdelivery remains in sync with the business processes, and we do so by placing the ITdelivery inthe center of our Total Project Management approach, but it cannot stand alone.

Business Processes

Before configuration is initiated as well as underway in the project, it is of utmost importance that we continually align between the IT system, the offline processes that actually take place and the governance that goes along with the execution of these processes. Doing so will ensure that the IT system, the processes and the governance have a strong fit , and that you as a customer will have not only a high-tech IT system, but also a complete solution that acts as an integral part of the process execution, seen from the perspective of the end-users.

We will work together with your project team on making sure that we continually align business processes and governance.


We use a 2BM template to accelerate the basic configuration to ensure we have a starting point for our discussions with your team. Experience shows that it speeds up the implementation process when we can show you a live system rather than starting from a blank piece of paper. The content of this template is described in more detail under eachof the business processareas.

SAP Activate

The solution is implemented using an agile implementation method labeled “SAP Activate”. This method has 4 phases:

  • Prepare
  • Explore
  • Realize
  • Deploy

and each phase includesa qualitysign-off by the customer.

When 2BM runs projects we always first agree with you on the success criteria – what are your reasons for investing in an updated solution to support your HCM processes. We want to understand – and ensure that your team agrees on – the problems that refrain you from fulfilling your business objectives using your current solution. What do you expect to gain from your investment?

We focus on your organization, your processes and your corporate culture to define a roadmap for the overall solution. With this in place, we introduce your project team to the possibilities the system offers via Project Team Training to ensure your participants understand what is required from them during the remaining project.

We take your project members through the content of the template solution as part of the project planning phase to establishacommonground before moving into the next phases. Throughout the following project phases the business resources gain a deep understanding of the new solution through hands-on training during workshops, test periods and through the creation of quick guides.

The Realize phase consists of a number of iterative sprints. Depending on the specific functional area, the content and duration of each sprint will vary. The new solution isbuiltand testedsby2BM and your project team during this phase.

The Deploy phase covers the process of moving the new solution from the project to your organization. This includes migrationof data and training of end-users

2BM assigns a project manager who leads you through the project phases, manages the consultant team, and reportstothe steering group according to agreed forms and templates. 2BM has a catalog of templates such as issuelogs, project progressreports, testplan og test cases, that are available for your use. The 2BM project manager willprovideinstruction to your team members regarding the templates during the planning phase.

The business process alignment, governance, and change management processes will run in parallel to all the sprints.

change mangement

We also recognize the importance of Change Management. Although this is often neglected or underestimated, we believe that effective change management can have a significant impact on user adoption rates, which are oftenimportantKPIsin HR-system implementation projects.

For handling Change Management in SAP SuccessFactors projects we apply the Prosci Change Management framework, which we believe is a strong framework for preparing change, working with managing change and following up on change. In addition, the ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement) aspect of the framework is a very pragmatic way of working withpreparingthe change effort, targeting individuals at multiple layers in an effective way throughout the change process.

We advocate fora high degree of involvement and thus a noticeable Change Management effort to be run by the Change & Adoption organization with 2BM as one of possibly more counselors. Thus, dependingon your expectations, we can be operational and carry out plans and activities, or we are only part of shaping the effort.


Finally, compliance has risen in importance with the introduction of GDPR. At 2BM we have a solid footing in the GDPR area, and we will ensure that the solution is compliant according to your interpretation of the GDPR policies and guidelines.

We also have long term relations with companies in the pharmaceutical industry and this has provided a firm understanding of adhering to our customers’ special compliance rules.


2BM has developed a number of tools that we encourage you to use – unless you already have experience from other tools. In that case, we are happy to adapt to your standards.

Process Flow Diagrams

Standard processflows are available for your use to ensure a common understanding withinthe team which you can use as a basis for the required changes to better fit your company specific requirements.

Test case template

2BM has developed test case templates for the various modules of SuccessFactors and SAP HCM. We define the scenarios that you will need to test – and you complete them with your specific data. i.e.ourtemplate for SuccessFactors EC will include a test case re.. transfer of an employee between departments and you complete it by defining the specific data to be used.

Our customers express that they are helpful as a starting point because they ensure that valuable – and complex – areas are not overlooked.

Migration Template

2BM will deliver migrationtemplatestemplates for the various modules of SuccessFactors and SAP HCM.

Issue Logs

A successful project needs to keep track of issues and change requests. 2BM will provide easy to use templates, that helps keep the projectmoving.

Successfactors governance template

It is extremely important that project – and later system – maintenance and enhancements – are planned and executed correctly. Everybody needs to know and accept the rules of conduct: Which changes are allowed, what is the decision process, who is responsible for various tasks etc.

2BM will deliver a document describing all these aspects – that you can introduce in your company or update according to your specific organizational culture.

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