Transforming the businesses for the future

The fourth industrial revolution and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will create a new world order. Digitalization and the use of Artificial Intelligence will lead to new products and business models.

Digital transformation is also one of the main factors supporting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Come join us when 2BM and Dansk Erhverv give their suggestions as to why digitalization cannot wait until tomorrow.

The transformation to S/4HANA is put into perspective in order to understand the real value of the digital core of a modern ERP system.


08:30 Welcome

08:35 The Future of Danish Business – Christian von Stamm Jonasson, Business Policy Consultant, Dansk Erhverv

09:05 Digitalization and Industry 4.0 in a post COVID-19 perspective – Lars Bork Dylander, CEO, 2BM A/S

09:30 Digital mega trends and the foundation of S/4HANA – Janus Sørensen, Head of SAP ERP, 2BM A/S

09:55 Thank you


About Christian von Stamm Jonasson

Business Policy Consultant at Dansk Erhverv with a focus on the IT- og Telecommunications sector.

Focuses on working with the business policy side of digitalization. Christian moved from Brussels to the Danish Business Authority’s office for data and digital growth, where he has worked with digitalization of Danish business. He has helped develop and implement The Strategy for Denmark’s Digital Growth, the National Cyber and Information Security Strategy, and the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence. Christian also advises Danish companies on how to exploit the great potential of digitalization.

About Lars Bork Dylander

CEO and Partner at 2BM A/S

With a special ability to anticipate digital trends, Lars has been at the forefront of mobile and digital development for the past 20 years. This time, the fourth industrial revolution is being presented from a historical perspective. The conclusion is that digitalization is now and should not be postponed until tomorrow. His presentation also looks at what the COVID-19 pandemic has meant and how digitalization can help limit the effects of future pandemics.

About Janus Sørensen

Head of ERP and Partner at 2BM A/S.

With experience from several SAP implementations, Janus focuses on some of the digital megatrends behind SAP’s strategy. A case review makes it clear why analogue companies cannot compete with digital companies. The conclusion entails a brief review of the five most important elements you as a company need to consider before embarking on an S/4 implementation.

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