Package for SuccessFactors

Package for SuccessFactors

Optimize your HR with 2BM’s streamlined package for SuccessFactors.

A decision on a new HR System, even if it is “just” a new talent module such as recruitment, is a big decision for most organizations, and it can be difficult to get started.

Let 2BM help. We have designed a standardized SuccessFactors template solution which is approved as an “SAP-qualified Partner package solution” (quality stamp from SAP) which is based on HR operations for small and medium-sized Danish companies.

But is SuccessFactors not just for big companies you might be asking?… And rightly so. Many existing SuccessFactors customers worldwide are larger than what we call small and medium-sized companies in Denmark (up to 1,500 employees). BUT we have done our homework

→ We have gained experience from our colleagues around Europe and from our UnitedVars collaboration

→ We have been out and interview a number of companies in the segment small and medium-sized companies, with the aim of learning how HR is different in an organization with 750 employees compared to an organization with 5,000 employees.

Some of the most important lessons learned from these interviews is that this type of business is often characterized by:

  • Working with HR master data is heavy – entering the same data many times
  • A wide range of applications are used to keep track of data. It is time consuming, flawed and difficult to form an overview and make reports
  • HR is often burdened by a large degree of administration / transactions and it is difficult to get out of this somewhat stuck situation because you do not have the tools to do so.
  • The HR role is often very broad – generalist approach to HR
  • Difficult to work strategically with HR, you lack data to manage according to
  • On-boarding and recruitment are often very time consuming and are handled by a large number of Excel sheets and the like. These are very manual workflows
  • Focus on employee performance often does not take up much space in HR – often because it is difficult to say anything in general based on the data available
  • You often have all the right processes but they are not tied together – HR sometimes experiences coherence but the business rarely does and it is when the processes are connected in the eyes of managers and employees that the HR processes create value
  • The leadership role, like the HR role, is often very broad. It is difficult to get managers to work with HR as a management tool.
  • GDPR often does not take up so much space – it is difficult to do so much about it with the available tools.

 If you can recognize yourself in any of the above, then book a completely non-binding dialogue with us and let us see if SuccessFactors is relevant to your organization.

Let’s do a business case calculation based specifically on your organization and your SuccessFactors field of interest – book a free inspiration meeting about SuccessFactors here – and we will bring the calculator with us.

We look forward to helping HR in your organization to get an easy start on the digitization of HR, realize some strong benefits (see fact box) and facilitate a lift of HR to a new level.

We bring tomorrow’s technology into today’s jobs.


Business case will always be different from company to company as the starting point is also different. Likewise, the extent of the digitalisation of HR also has an impact, but we can still say a little about what one can expect to get out of a journey with 2BM’s SuccessFactors template. This data is based on an organization with 750 employees and a turnover of 100,000,000 Euros.

The KPI’s represented here are selective – not the full picture. These business case examples should be considered in isolation.


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