SuccessFactors Integrations

In today’s ever changing business environments, businesses must be agile and react fast and swiftly to changes in the business surroundings. SuccessFactors’ integrations allow you to automate key HR processes, remove any obvious borders between master data and HR data, and aid in building the framework that will give you precise and reliable real time data, independently of where your Master Data is stored.

Integrations are a cornerstone of any SuccessFactors implementation and the quality of the interfaces can quickly change the perspective of your new system from good to bad.

The interfaces and interface types needed are determined by the choice of implementation model.

There are 4 major implementation models:

Talent Hybrid

HCM on premise – Talent management in the cloud

While implementing Talent Hybrid, the external interface transfers data from SAP HCM to premise via PI and SFTP to SuccessFactors.  In this scenario, master data is then maintained on Premise and SuccessFactors.

In a scenario where you implement the Talent Hybrid model, for example in connection with recruitment, on-boarding, new hires, etc. they are all interfaced from SuccessFactors to HCM via SFTP and PI.

Full Cloud

While implementing Full Cloud, the information is setup in SuccessFactors, so that internal interfacing takes care of the process. Examples of data that need to be interfaced externally from SuccessFactors to SAP ERP include CATS data and cost center data.

In a scenario where the full hybrid model is implemented, recruitment, on-boarding, and new hires are interfaced internally within SuccessFactors across its modules.

Core Hybrid

While implementing Core Hybrid, the external interface transfers time/payroll data from SAP HCM on premise via PI and SFTP to SuccessFactors. In this scenario, master data is maintained in the cloud and results from the time/payroll run are then interfaced to SuccessFactors.

If you use the core hybrid model, implementation of recruitment, on-boarding, and new hires is interfaced internally within SuccessFactors across its modules.


The use of Side-by-Side, implements a combination of all models – Talent Hybrid, Core hybrid and Full Cloud. This is ideal in the case that different parts of a company run different scenarios, which means that the complexity of the interfaces needed rises. This scenario is often seen in larger international companies, as it allows different countries to go with their own choice of implementation model and interfaces that suit their needs.

Hybrid or Side-by-Side Implementation

If you use the Hybrid or Side-by-Side Implementation, SAP and SuccessFactors provides a number of standard integrations between the models.

The standard integration has limits and might not reflect your business needs. 2BM has experience in helping your business meet those needs by building on these standards models, allowing you the most value from your quarterly releases, even if you customize your integration solution.

Data Interface

Make sure you data is always up-to date, precise and reliable – interface the data directly from its current storage.

2BM is your partner of choice when it comes to integration

At 2BM, we specialize not only in building the technical portion of the interface, but in optimizing the whole framework wherein the integration will be part of.  When consulting with the business to optimize the processes which feed the source data, there are many considerations to taken into account:

  • What constitutes the whole interface framework – from start to finish?
  • Are the processes feeding the source data optimized? If not, we risk building a state-of-the-art interface receiving sub-par data
  • What sort of company specific governance and security needs to be built into the logic of the interface?

2BM has been building interfaces for SuccessFactors, implementing external and internal interfaces in a variety of different scenarios.

We have experience from some of the most advanced Danish SuccessFactors implementations, where we have designed and built interfaces for several modules of the SuccessFactors suite.

Interfaces@2BM supports customers in design, implementation, and ongoing support ensuring our customers reap all the benefits of implementing the SuccessFactors suite.

At a large Danish dairy company we built one of the most advanced interfaces of SuccessFactors – what makes this interface unique and what describes one of 2BM’s strongest competencies in this area, is that the interface takes some very complex company specific security and governance rules into account. We optimized the company processes that relate to the interfaces, and with a combination of optimized processes and the best of integrations, the company has a state-of-the-art interface framework.

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