With more than 3500 customers and 15 million users in 168 countries, SuccessFactors Business Execution Software (BizX) is the most widely used Software-as-a-Service business software in the world. The SuccessFactors BizX suite includes 9 integrated modules and helps companies adapt their workforce to the business strategy at all stages of the company’s annual business cycle, as well as the hiring cycle of employees.

In 2BM we are specialists in HR administration, we have implemented SAP time and salary solutions for more than 15 years and have a market share of about 50% in the Danish SAP market. Therefore, it is natural that we specialize in Employee Central which is the SuccessFactors version of a “real HR system” where the administrative  procedures are carried out  with SuccessFactors.

When we talk about Employee Central, the module can of course do a lot, but we also find that many customers demand something more, and therefore we offer a number of extensions to our Employee Central customers. Read more here.

Further to Employee Central, our specialization also covers SuccessFactors Compensation (including Variable Pay) and learning management. We have chosen this because both modules can be administratively heavy to operate for HR and because we have made a lot of implementations on these modules.

Read more about our offerings within the individual modules here:

If your starting point for a SuccessFactors project is to ensure a solid foundation and optimize administrative processes, then it is 2BM you need to talk.

In addition to specializing in the administrative processes, 2BM naturally covers the SuccessFactors portfolio and we have a template from which our projects originate on all modules. See more on our template page.


Understand how a successful HR system can strengthen your business

2BM offers an inspirational workshop where we present SuccessFactors. We start a dialogue about your organization’s strategy and review with you which solution suits your business best.

We also demonstrate the modules that can support your business and thus increase the employee experience. As a participant, you will gain an understanding of what SuccessFactors is really about and how the financial benefits can be calculated for business and IT.

The inspiration workshop contains:

  • 2 hour meeting
  • Short dialogue about your company
  • Short dialogue about HR strategy and process overview
  • Presentation of SuccessFactors overall with perspective to the first 2 points
  • Presentation of the modules of most interest and value to you with perspective to the first 2 points


Let 2BM run your everyday SuccessFactors support including Incident Management and Release Management.

All SuccessFactors modules e.g. Employee Central, Performance & Goals, Learning, Recruitment are included in our support services.

Our certified SuccessFactors consultants are at the center of our support services, and they are always ready to support you.


Download PDF about 2BM Service for SuccessFactors.

With Incident and Release Management we enable you to get the most out of your SuccessFactors investment.

Read about what we offer and the benefits of our service.


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Karina Vittrup


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Signe Mørkenborg Larsen

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