SuccessFactors Time Management

Why Successfactors Time Management?

SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Management provides organizations with the tool to manage the various basic time recording aspects. The functionality allows end-users to type their working time and any absence they may have had, such as sickness and vacation etc. The system provides real-time evaluation that may incur on entitlements, in turn the means by which overtime premiums and time in lieu can be calculated.

It’s worth noting that SAP has been investing heavily in the time management options for some years now, and for the same reason, there are several options available, all depending on customers’ needs:

  • SF Employee Central Time Off
  • SF Employee Central Payroll Time Sheet
  • SF Time Tracking (SF Platform)

For organizations that already have, or plan to deploy SF Employee Central, both Time Off and Payroll Time Sheet are part of the package. SF Time Tracking is considered as a separate module coming with an additional perpetual license cost. SF Time Tracking is the Rolls Royce cloud option for time management.

SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Off

Time Off is one of the two sub-modules of SF EC Time Management and is designed as a paperless tool that tracks the events when employees aren’t at work. The solution supports a flexible approval-based requesting of absence for both mobile and desktopusers.

Absence requests can be validated against accruals, so that employees can apply in accordance with the entitlements givenat time of record. Accrual processing can be automated, even complex logics by which those apply can be leveraged, such as proration and period end processing rules.. Managers can be equipped with a tilebased calendar view, so that they are able to knowand act on team absences at a glance. Absence records can be validated against employees’ agreed working time and public holidays within the given country or region of work.

SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Sheet

 Payroll Time Sheet is the second of the two sub-modules of SF EC Time Managementand is designed to track various types of workingtimes when at work.

Like Time Off the payroll time sheet solution supportsyroll Time Sheet approval requesting, on a weekly basis, for both mobile and desktop users. The solution enables the options to calculate simple threshold logicsuch as overtime premium and flexible working time (Time In Lieu). The solution can be integrated with payroll using aSF EC non-recurring pay elements for payouts of variable payments.r.

SuccessFactors Time Tracking

SF Time Tracking is the latest off-springin the time management space and provides, in current First Half 2021 release the exact same options as already provided with SF Employee Central Payroll Time Sheet. SF Time Tracking allows end-users to manage both absence and attendances in a single view, if enabled. Employees, as well as managers, will be able to view real-time evaluation of time results, such as overtime calculation and balance of flexible work time, like Time In Lieu.

SF Time Tracking provides the long awaited option to include clock-in/clock-out terminal based integration, applicable to e.g shopor blue-collarworkers. SF Time Tracknig also support time recording across midnight. The latter options are not available in SF Employee Central Time Management.

SAP will be investing heavily in SF Time Tracking, and so it is safe tossumethat a whole plethora of new functions and features will be made available later this year and in the future.

Benefit Realization

Using SF Employee Central Time Management, or the Time Tracking option, enable organizations to mitigate the everpresent compliance risks upholding corporate and collective agreements, whereever organizations may operate.

The time solutions provides an overarching framework of features to tailor country-specific rules, in accordance with the individual employee profile, while also providing a uniform, automated and well-etablished global approval process.

The time administrators use the same interface to manage employees across various regions and collective agreements. Organizations may automate recalculation of time data that is triggered by changes to an employee’s work schedule, just to mention one example.

s, or rather when questions arise, the time valuation trace feature gives HR administrators detailed information about how certain time entries are calculated. This helps administrators with the option to quickly assess and/or clarify employee related questions on variable payments in detail.

The time solutions provide employees, as well as managers, with a common user interface, using a web browser or a mobile device.

The time sheet solutions provide real-time evaluation of time data towards the employees with the benefit of mutual certainty for both employees and managers. Employees can correct errors and resubmit for approval again.

Projekt Assumptions

During the implementation we willdiscuss your data requirements in detail and we will provide guidance on how to best structure your data – takingusability and dependencies to other functional areas into consideration.


We provide the migration tools to ensure that data regarding accruals is imported correctly following a data cleansing process – which we can facilitate , but it will require active participation from you.


SuccessFactors delivers standard integration between the various functional areas. Standard tools are also delivered by SAP for integration between SuccessFactors and SAP HCM, but this requires complex analysis to determine how to cater for special customer content. 2BM has a strong track record in this area so we can guide you through the process in the most effective way.

We also have experience from many customers regarding integration of SuccessFactors with other IT-systems.

SF Time Tracking and SF Payroll Time Sheet include the option to enter hours against a Cost Center of choice, but doesn’t include an out-of-the-box option to do activity type based time recording as well. The solutions can be amended by extension to include WBS Elements (CO), Receiver Order (PM) or Receiver Network Number (PS). Interfaces can also be developed towards SAP on-premise in order to transfer data towards to the receiving systems if that is required.

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