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Due to the Economic upsurge, talents have become harder to come by as the unemployment line is shorter and shorter. This means that companies need to realize that its no longer “a buyer’s market” but “a seller’s market”. This means that candidate nurturing, and recruitment marketing is becoming more important. Some ways to utilize this in SuccessFactors will be shared during the webinar.


Another trend is the redesign of interview strategies. There are some very interesting tools out there that will enhance the crucial interview process. It makes sense to invest in this area. Video interviews, for example, is being leveraged for screening candidates for remote work when it’s next to impossible to transport them into your office for a face-to-face interview or if you as an HR partner have to travel to local sites to perform interviews. During the webinar, we will demonstrate a tool that 2BM uses for this purpose which integrates with SuccessFactors. 





Wednesday 26/9 at 15.00 -15.30 CET




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With our extensive experience in SAP HCM, 2BM has been one of the leading SAP partners within SAP HCM since 2000 and since SAP purchased SuccessFactors in 2011, we have helped a number of customers in the Journey from SAP HCM on-premise to SuccessFactors.

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