Improvement Requests are the users’ tools to influence the future development of SuccessFactors, so let’s help each other by raising awareness of the suggestions with a voice from each of us!

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Register/Withdraw functionality for Managers →



Support E-Learning via Mobile Browser →



Add Assessments to Assignment Profiles →



Position Sync Job After Large Org. Changes →



Class Details available after Registration End Date →



Quick Action for Compensation Planner for Reimagined Home Page →



Change Layout of Tabs on e.g. User and Class pages →



Control Quick Action Access Similar to Tiles →



Add a direct link/URL to the job agent in Recruiting Marketing →



Attach application documents when forwarding a candidate to colleague →



Raise the Max Number of Days on an Item from 60 to 120 →



Show “Question” When Searching the Question Library →



Add Agenda to Enrollment Email Notification →



Integrate with multiple goal plans in CPM →



Allow forwarded candidates to move status on Business Rule →



Continuous Performance Management (CPM) and integration to Outlook →



Dynamic fields in form Job Requisition →



Forward Relevant Resume & Cover Letter for Candidate – not the Newest →



Make reverse scale configurable per calibration template →



Outlook Integration: Mark as private while sending notifications →



Reconsider Deprecation of Table Reports in SF →



RMK: Add new fields to the Search Results page →


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