SuccessFactors Extensions

SuccessFactors is built on an open platform that makes it easy to integrate with other surrounding applications. Therefore, we see that SF-partners and customers develop their own applications in addition to the SuccessFactors standard packages.

Research (source) has shown that our employees today use an incredible number of different applications, and spend a space of every single working day switching between these applications. Therefore, there is a focus on building solutions that support complete processes and this is where extensions to SuccessFactors come into the picture, because with these often small applications you enable a more complete process support, where everything takes place from the same platform.

In 2BM, our SuccessFactors business springs from our DNA as experts in HR administration. This is also reflected in the extensions we market:

Successfactors extensions

Smart Fotoserver


Single Sign On


Digital Personnel File

Illness Manager


Document Generator

Flexible Budget


Need help or advice?

You can do an incredible amount with extensions in SuccessFactors and with the solutions described here, contact us and let us have a dialogue together about whether these extensions can make a difference for your organization.

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