Four major HR ‘pains’ and how to overcome them with SuccessFactors

by Casper Nielsen

Back in November 2016, 2BM hosted an event on the future of HR and one of the important takeaways from this day was that HR is becoming more and more digital. Like it or not, the pressure on talent demand, the fight of staying ahead of competition, and the fact that the world is becoming more and more digital, all significantly impact the way we execute HR these days.

SuccessFactors is THE BIGGEST and for many THE BEST full HR system on the market. During our event in November, we presented research on what makes organizations purchase not only SuccessFactors but HR technology in a broader sense. Research by Deloitte revealed that:

  • 82% answered they want something that is “easier to use for employees”
  • 73% answered they want “integrated data and analytics
  • 66% answered they want “a cloud-based solution “
  • 59% answered they want “integrated Talent Management”

We don’t disagree with this research – but we will elaborate on it . In 2BM, it is our perception that nothing makes organizations purchase HR technology more than the hope to eliminate a “pain”. The question is then, what aches & pains does SuccessFactors help organizations relieve:

Symptom #1 – Compliance with Data Privacy: Most organizations are challenged by the new EU Data Protection Act quickly approaching. With only little over a year left to implement the necessary changes to all HR systems and procedures, HR Managers are faced with a rather large task. SuccessFactors offers some support in this by providing a data structure, a process framework, and a Best Practice on how to handle Data Privacy compliantly. Furthermore, SuccessFactors is THE BIGGEST product on the market, meaning that thousands of customers worldwide are relying on it to enable compliance with new data privacy laws. Therefore, it is safe to say that SuccessFactors and SAP will not deliver a product that doesn’t enable compliance.

Symptom #2 – Adoption Rate of HR Processes: Many HR organizations struggle with HR process adoption rate, as the percentage of people executing the HR processes is too low. If you ask a business “why?”, they will likely reply with a combination of two answers 1) The process is too complex, and we don’t understand how to use the tool, and 2) we can’t see why we have to run these processes year-round. Addressing the first answer; with SuccessFactors, organizations enable global processes, making sure that everyone runs the same process and generates results that are comparable across the business. At the same time, SuccessFactors provides an easy-to-use and INTUITVE platform for the users. The INTUITIVE dimension here is important, because users may only use the system once or twice a year. With SuccessFactors, organizations have a platform that enables them to engage employees and managers in a much more simple and intuitive environment than they have ever seen before.

Symptom #3 – Integrated Talent Management: Addressing answer number 2 from above: Most, if not all, competitive businesses run, more or less, the same HR processes. Therefore, there is no competitive advantage won by executing these singular processes, which often happens to the frustration of the business. The real added value is found in the integration of the processes, and bringing it all together in a coherent, meaningful and simplistic way. This will generate synergy from the processes, and, even more importantly, for the first time make the business see the true meaning of the processes and understand the value added. While running SuccessFactors, you enable an integrated talent framework, where users can see how things interact and how output in one area becomes input in another. This gives meaning to the “Why?” and the “What’s in it for me?” in a new way to most organizations.

Symptom #4 – Digitalize or Die: Although this might sound a bit drastic – we believe there is some truth to it after all. Looking at the world around us, there are plenty of examples of companies that have gone out of business due to lack of digitalizing. Some of these companies, you might think, were in a business that was digitalized faster than the business you are in – but don’t you think others have had that thought too? There are lots of examples of products that have become digitalized, although this might not have been what we expected. For example, who ever imagined a cigarette becoming digital?  HR is often looked to when it comes to driving the innovative processes of the business. If HR doesn’t start this transformation, then who will? With SuccessFactors, you digitalize HR and you start speaking the language of the new generations taking over the job-market, the “digital natives”.

Obviously, there are many other relevant aches & pains in HR that SuccessFactors also can help your organization overcome. Contact us to know what else SuccessFactors can do for you.

Casper Nielsen

Casper Nielsen

is a Senior Consultant at 2BM. He is highly experienced in Talent Management and SuccessFactors.

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