Social services will replace traditional support

29. maj 2017

The traditional Helpdesk & Service center is transforming from a passive “Wait for incidents to arise” towards a proactive “Prevent incidents from happening”.

Customers want “Fire preventers” not “Firefighters”, to assist in preventative tasks such as data quality assurance and root cause analysis. An error fix for one person/area must be applied to other persons/areas with the potential to develop a similar incident.

Customers expect “Proof of delivery” on the solution and the actions performed to prevent future similar incidents, and not the usual “Dear customer – Please test the rest”. Most importantly, the support function is moving from occasional transactional based interactions, towards frequent, personal and holistic interactions with customers.

The new “Social Service Center” makes customers feel good, by addressing their basic needs:

  • Empathy – “Understand me and my needs and give me your commitment”
  • Value – “Know me”, “lead me”, “help me” and “serve me”
  • Communication – “Let me know what I need to know, when I need to know it”
  • Attitude – “Be happy, eager, willing and prepared to meet my needs”
  • Reliability – “Be there when I need you”
  • Tangibility – “Give me high quality and performance”
  • Assurance – “Deliver when you promised”
Dino Turchi

Dino Turchi

is Head of Service Center in 2BM. He is highly experienced in service & support management, service delivery management, sales support, bid management, team management and project management.

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