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Scheduled SMS-sending to groups

Convert emails & send them as SMS

Uniform your communication across any device worldwide using 2BM SMS services. Our services help you plan and communicate to groups and individuals, even without internet access. Be sure your employees are always reachable and urgent information and messages are received. Our services convert emails into SMS’s and vice versa, enabling your employees to reach you and respond through SMS.

sms via gateway


Using our SMS Gateway system you are able to send single receiver or multiple receiver SMS’s to your employees via web services like HTTP POST, SOAP or SMPP 3.4. Using a modem number to either a central email address or a dedicated web address, we enable your employees to respond to the SMS’s sent.

email to sms

  • Send e-mails to SMS receiver to one or more recipients
  • Sending to AD groups
  • Delimitation of possible senders from company domain
  • Possible return response from SMS to e-mail sender
  • Redirect the return response (using own modem)
    • For central email address
    • For dedicated web service
  • Ability to change the sender name in SMS Removes possibility of return answers
  • Configuring automatic removal of text in email
  • High priority = delivery receipt / updates to the sender email.

sms planner


2BM SMS Planner enables you to schedule group messages, letting you prepare messages in advance. Plan hourly, daily, weekly, monthly SMS messages to your employees.

2BM’s web service integration enables you to:

  • Add and remove users to and from groups from for example your company website or Facebook
  • Register and unregister users to or from the groups via SMS
  • Access from mobile devices using our user-friendly responsive design
  • View statistics module giving you an overview of your SMS streams and usage summary
SMS Planner - webservice integration by 2BM

Uniforming your communication

Let us help you plan and communicate to groups and individuals in your business

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