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We are SAP PCOE certified partner.


Ensuring our customers’ success and satisfaction are among the most important tasks here at 2BM. We will go to great lengths to provide you the best possible support. Therefore, it has always been crucial for us to ensure a consistent and efficient support of high quality, which is also flexible in the way that we always aim to be present whenever and wherever you need us. 

Besides being an IT and consulting company, that daily strives to ensure the highest quality in delivery, we at 2BM has also chosen to have a dedicated service and support organization working exclusively to serve you the best. 

We support all areas within

We support all areas within SAP (e,g, HR, KMD, Netto pay, SD, Fi/CO, PP, MM , ABAP and basis, SuccessFactors (e.g. G&P, EC, LMS) and 2BM Software (Mobile Work Order and Mobile Warehouse. 


In addition to living up to our own high quality standards, we are also PCOE certified by SAP, which means that we have been through a rigorous evaluation and certification process to be appointed as the Partner Center of Expertise. We are proud of this quality mark that the certification gives our processes, systems and employees, and is your guarantee that our Support Center provides full support and maintenance of SAP products and solutions. 

Service delivery management

Each customer is assigned a Service Delivery Manager (SMD). With a SDM you get single point of contact, making the communication path transparent for the customer.  The SDM is responsible for all activities and tasks related to the support contract including the support team members.  

To ensure the continuous professional support that we strive to comply with, the SDM participate and contributes to a constructive and effective Service Visit, which is held between the customer and the SDM either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly – depending on the request from the customer.  

2bm helpdesk system

The 2BM helpdesk system is called Zendesk. 2BM have chosen Zendesk, because it streamlines your support with time-saving tools like ticket views, triggers, and automations. This helps you get straight to what matters most — better customer service and more meaningful conversations. 

Your company’s individual SLA (Service Level Agreement) ticket priority will be continuously monitored so that you can follow how the solution proceeds hour by hour. This, combined with a full historical data summary and weekly and monthly detailed progress reports and meetings, allow you to analyze what areas of your business need the most support. 


An important parameter of our ServiceCenter is that we strive to support a simple process in every way, which allows you to focus on your core business and let us handle your technical issues and technological challenges. Therefore, we give you and your employees the opportunity to send emails about your technical concerns directly to our ServiceCenter via Simple and fast, user-friendly and efficient. If you prefer to create the ticket in the system, you just log into and fill out the ticket form.  

Our recent rating

4.3 / 5.0

100+ Customers

2BM Servicecenter support team

Our team of certified specialists have one common goal – to give the best possible service and support to all of our customers.  

The ServiceCenter vision is to continuously improve, expand and develop our support business by improving the processes behind it – both with internal and external focus.  

The ServiceCenter support team encourage teamwork and teamspirit by working after this ‘High performance team’ recipe: 

Recognizing individual strengths​ 

A focus on hitting goals​ 


Open feedback​ 


Kept Promises​ 

Interest in learning​ 

Over communication


Psychological Safety​ 


Trust ​ 



2bm Servicecenter team

Katrine Meier

Head of ServiceCenter

Mads Eske Jessen

Partner, Principal Consultant

Martin Grud

Senior Konsulent

Kim Strømstad

Senior Konsulent

Louise Kjøller

Lønadministration Konsulent

Mads Hammer

Senior Konsulent

Berit Schaldemose

Senior Konsulent



…2BM has a payroll service team, that handles salaries of a number of Danish companies?

Our team consists of payroll specialists who together have 25+ years of experience with SAP KMD netto Pay, Finance and compliance ensuring the best payroll service team you can imagine.

We put pride in good service and happy customers. And are willing to go a long way to achieve that.


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