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We are experiencing a raising demand for cooperation among companies and we are getting closer to our partners that host and operate our IT infrastructure. Our partners and employees expect to reach and interact with our SAP system from outside our premises.

All this gives rise to a new need for monitoring, insights and control ensuring that we are able to deliver our business processes on the internet and at the same time securing our information and protect it against fraud and hostile intrusion.

In a time where outsourcing, offshoring and near shoring become a larger part of our operation we need new tools to monitor and control the service and value we receive in this new work environment setup.

All this and much more are what the SAP sensor is all about – it gives you a new insight into your SAP system and the business process execution. The information is delivered to you in a visualized manner which makes complex information instantly understandable for us humans.

Welcome to business insights visualized!

The 2BM SAP Sensor

We believe in creating valuable new business insights, optimization and products using data as the raw material. We do this by:

  • harvesting data trails and sensors to create instant understandable information, giving new knowledge and insight into the actual details of business execution and IT-environments.
  • using the power in cloud computing to crunch the data complexity into an intuitive and human understandable visual experience.
  • offering a flexible, scalable and cost effective delivery model in the cloud, offering your customers a subscription based self-service solution that is delivered on a global scale.
  • create valuable knowledge by gathering and modeling data across countries and industries enabling new insights into global business execution and performance.

Business Benefits

The sensor reveals actual activities in the system, therefore enabling you to:

  • Increase company effectiveness & system security
  • Get insight into every detail of your SAP System usage: response time, usage of the different modules, activities, organizational and geographic usage, performance peaks etc.
  • Benchmark business processes internally and externally
  • Optimize user experience
  • Combine the 2BM SAP Sensor reports with your own business intelligence to create real change in your organization and create true competitive advantage.

All this with no need for extra work from the company!

SAP Sensor Modules

The SAP Sensor modules focus on the different data that you may want monitored in order to get insights into your system:

  • Cost Distribution: create a better cost distribution
  • Business Process Analysis: increase efficiency, pinpoint best practices and benchmark your productivity
  • Security & Fraud Detection: get an alarm for your ERP data security
  • User Activities & Profiles: get the most value out of your SAP investment
  • Project Support: secure the success of your next ERP project
  • Landscape Optimization: get an overview of your system and make informed decisions about your future investment
  • System Optimization: create a better user experience by optimizing the network and response time


If you would like to know more about the different modules, download our brochure or contact one of our friendly consultants at

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