SAP Payroll

Implement SAP Payroll with 2BM

Over 15 years of experience

Most implementations in Denmark

Experience & knowledge across industries

Strong KMD partnership


2BM has a vast experience working with SAP Payroll.

Most of our payroll consultants have a functional background and thus they know all about the legislation and the processes within this area.

2BM has participated in several global payroll projects and has been working with global templates for payroll.

For many years, we have assisted global clients in rolling out SAP HCM and Payroll in Denmark. Using our SAP HCM Payroll and Time Management Template, we can deliver a rapid implementation that fits into the clients global setup. After go-live, we assist in supporting the solution and keeping it up to date.

We assist in both on-premise and cloud-solutions.

From the birth of the KMD Net Pay solution (KMD Nettoløn), 2BM has been working as strategic partner with KMD

  • Technical assistance
  • Conducting courses for KMD
  • Developing and testing the solution
  • Former KMD employees are now working for 2BM

Massive experience in SAP Payroll and KMD Net Pay

  • 2BM has done most of the KMD Net Pay implementations
  • 2BM has a large number of skilled and experienced payroll consultants
  • Implementations at Siemens Windpower, Post Danmark, Novo Nordisk, Arla Foods etc.

2BM & KMD strategic partnership

  • 2BM have been an implementation partner since the start of KMD Net Pay
  • We provide technical assistance and conduct courses for KMD
  • We are part of the development and testing of the KMD solution

With more than 30 successful SAP Payroll projects behind us, we bring expert knowledge into our projects. As an example, 2BM ensured successful implementations at Novo Nordisk and H. Lundbeck, due to the knowledge and working experience already obtained from the pharmaceutical industry.

SAP Payroll is 2BM’s core competence and we have implemented almost 50% of all SAP Payroll projects in Denmark, starting from 2000 when the SAP KMD Net Pay solution was introduced to the market. During all our project implementations, we have gathered experience and developed accelerators and tools to be even more effective and still deliver high quality in the projects.

Some of our references

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