SAP License Management

SAP License Management

Control SAP license costs

The majority of customers are challenged by SAP License Management. Findings from the Nordic SAP License Management surveys from 2011-2017 show that the main challenge customers face is how to interpret and understand the SAP License Contract.

The 2BM SAP License Compliance Center of Excellence helps SAP customers overcome these challenges and manage their SAP licenses. Our ambition is to be the leading supplier of SAP License Management services and solutions to all Nordic SAP customers.

Packaged services we deliver within SAP License Management

  • SAP License Review and forecasting – Review of your SAP contract and addendums, the actual use of SAP, and identification of risks and unused licenses.
  • SAP License Optimization – Optimization of user licenses based on their usage of SAP.
  • Indirect Usage Analysis – Identification of potential indirect usage SAP license risks.
  • S/4 License conversion
  • Continuous SAP license compliance – Quarterly reporting of license usage and risks.

All packages are delivered at fixed price with an ROI between 3-25 depending of the service.


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