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The workforce typically represents 40-60% of the operating expenses in a company and is the most important asset in business execution. However, more often than not, the millions spent on developing the right business strategies for its talents do not deliver the expected results. In most cases, the problems arise with execution.

SuccessFactor’s BizX delivers tangible business results by driving business alignment, optimizing people performance and building competitive advantage: 1% topline revenue growth, 5 % greater productivity and lower recruiting costs due to a 15% decrease in employee turnover. The platform helps companies within aligning the workforce to the strategy at all stages in during the execution cycle.

With more than 3500 customers and 15 million users in 168 countries, SuccessFactors Business Execution Software (BizX) is the most adopted Software-as-a-Service business software in the world. SucessFactors BizX suite consists of nine integrated solutions that enable business execution across the employee lifecycle and help companies achieve their objectives.




Smart Single Sign-on SuccessFactors

In today’s fast evolving IT infrastructure and cloud technology, security and privacy plays a bigger and more significant role. With the evolution of security and privacy comes more complicated and time consuming logon procedures, that reduces productive time.

With 2BM’s Single Sign-on (SSO), employees will automatically be logged into your SuccessFactors system when logged into a workstation. This makes it easier for employees to access SucessFactors and removes complicated logon security procedures, while still preserving a high level of security and integrity in the system.

Smart PhotoServer

In today’s fast-moving and globally dispersed organizations, building a collaborative culture can prove to be a challenge. New employees come in and others are transferred around the organization, which hinders communication. This lowers the company’s adaptation and innovation capabilities.

2BM’s PhotoServer application automatically uploads the most recent employees’ photos to your SuccessFactors system and making it easier to recognize the right colleague you want to talk to, encouraging familiarity and easier communication.

Qualification Check

Following regulations and checking qualifications can often mean a huge workload for organizations both from an operational and administrative perspective.

The 2BM Qualification Check Application helps you verify employees’ qualifications and certifications in the field, and notify managers if a qualification is absent or outdated.



SAP SuccessFactors Human Capital Analytics is all about making timely and informed decisions regarding your workforce by providing you with updated, intelligent and actionable data.

It is an easy-to-use tool which makes it possible for you to quickly and confidently answer questions about your current workforce as well as playing out different future scenarios.

By combining data across multiply sources and using a wide range of standard metrics, this places not only intelligent information but also recommendation and actions directly in the hands of managers in real-time.

Consisting of two parts, you’ll gain access not only to current data but also to predict the future:

Workforce Analytics provides you with insights into your current workforce and helps answer what’s happening and why it’s happening
Workforce Planning gives insight into future impact of your workforce decisions such as known risks, cost and resource gaps

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics:

  • makes it simple to use workforce data
  • uses drag- and drop interface when analyzing data or creating reports
  • combines data from several sources, such as HR, Finance, Sales and Talent Management
  • uses empirical data instead of gut feelings for informed decisions
  • wide range of standard metrics for headcount, recruitment, learning, finance and turnovers
  • guidance to understand metrics
  • continually mines data to find pain points
  • alert managers for areas of concern
  • design your own reports and dashboards in PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • share information across organization
  • benchmark against peer organizations using proven and standardized methods

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning:

  • Helps prepare for future workforce needs and minimize organizational risks

  • Model and compare different scenarios by

o capturing actual business demands

o forecasting workforce demands

  • Identify excess or shortage of workforce
  • Identify risks to closing gaps
  • Visualize workforce – considering hiring, retirement and organizational change
  • Visualize plans and quantify financial costs
  • Assign ownership and accountability
  • Proven method to know risks, cost and future impact of workforce decisions before they happen

With SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics and Workforce Planning you:

  • are fully integrated with SuccessFactors
  • draw on thousands of predefined workforce metrics
  • can benchmark your organization to peer organization in a standardized method
  • can correlate data across several systems
  • turn your existing fact-based data into intelligent measurements and predictions
  • make data-driven decisions part of your culture
  • have a community in which to share insights and best practices

Employee Central


Is your core HR system a natural hub that brings together your entire organization to transform how you manage your workforce? Does your HR system provide managers with insight in support of effective management of your organization, retaining, and attracting the right people to drive your business forward? If not, you should consider implementing Employee Central from Succesfactors.

With Employee Central you get a cloud-based, compliant HR system with a consumer-like user experience that empowers your organisation in identifying and attracting talent. With better insight, you are able to support strategic decisions based on analytics, which results in better performance and an engaged workforce.

Key figures
  • Central System for everything with people and talent
  • You can manage your workforce locally and support it globally.
  • Workforce analytics
  • Effective HR Process management
  • Extendable solution for customer requirements
Key benefits
  • Consumer grade User experience improving employee engagement
  • Fast implementation reducing implementation costs
  • Analytics empowering decision making
  • One integrated system for people and talent management
  • Automatic updates due to changes in regulations ensuring compliance

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Talent Management


Align employees with the right goals:

  • Goal Management: make goals and workflows visible and provide the tools that reinforce goals and progress
  • Performance Management: enhance and expedite employee review, identify best workers, develop clear, objective feedback
  • Workforce planning: plan for workforce changes with the right tools

Optimize workforce performance

  • Recruiting: end-to-end recruiting system, complete marketing platform, easy-to-use social/mobile management tools,
  • Compensation: pay-for-performance, optimize budgets, establish a clear link between compensation and performance
  • Learning: formal, informal, social and extended learning, content management, reporting, analytics
  • Succession planning: continually identify, develop and retain talent at all levels

Accelerate business results:

  • Workforce analytics: identify trends, understand causes and variables, decide best course of action, get a complete view of your workforce
  • Collaboration: engaging social discovery platform
  • Core HR: capture employee, organizational and talent data in one solution on a social, collaborative information and management platform

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