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SAP flourished at LEO Pharma

About LEO Pharma

Founded in 1908, LEO Pharma is an independent, research-based pharmaceutical company. With a vision of becoming the preferred dermatology care partner improving people’s lives around the world,

LEO Pharma develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceutical drugs to dermatologic and thrombotic patients in more than 100 countries globally.

LEO Pharma has its own sales force in 61 countries and employs around 5,000 employees worldwide. The company is headquartered in Denmark and is wholly owned by the LEO Foundation.

The Challenge

LEO Pharma was facing the issue every SAP system user faces; a user experience that kept on degenerating in the classic SAP and Enterprise Portal view. LEO Pharma wanted to have a user interface that was mobile and intuitive in order to meet the expectations of any IT user living today.

The Solution

The customer asked for the SAP Fiori framework in coherence with the SAP UX strategy. SAP Fiori enables the common SAP processes as time registration, SAP workflow, business functions etc. in a more intuitive manner and executable from PC, tablet and smartphone. The SAP Fiori central component is the Fiori Launchpad which holds all the apps (SAP functionality) and will be the single entry-point for end-users giving the same recognizable view to SAP regardless of which device they use. The customer furthermore received a solution built in the SAP Cloud platform preparing the solution for future development and integration.

Key Benefits

LEO Pharma went live in December 2017 with an established infrastructure and apps to enable time registration, and also to enable managers to conduct approvals on the Fiori Launchpad. This is just the starting point as the vision is to add functionality in a manner that will decommission the SAP portal. Now, LEO Pharma understands that there is a standard tool and method that can make the SAP experience enjoyable, and that a mobile user experience is a central leg in an ERP strategy going forward.

Why 2BM?

“Together with 2BM, we have started the journey towards a unified and digitalized user experience within the SAP Fiori framework. We have already established the SAP Cloud infrastructure, and the first apps are rolling in.”

Anders Thinggaard

Head of SAP Development at LEO Pharma, LEO Pharma

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