SAP Customer Data Cloud

from Gigya


Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is important and is quickly becoming a strategic matter


Enhance your customer journey with SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya

You manage your customers’ online identities in several platforms, and you don’t have a unified view of your customers across your digital channels, markets and/or brands. Furthermore, you are troubled with the increasing requirements from regional and national legislation (e.g. GDPR in EU or the China Data Protection Regulation) in order to ensure proper consent management.


Improve compliance

Stay compliant and in control of your customers’ identities.


Enhance the customer journey

Simple, secure and unified login process for your customers.


Easy implementation

A straightforward and easy-to-implement cloud solution.


Unify your customer identities in one solution

SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya will improve your current CIAM setup, by unifying your customer identities in one solution no matter the number of channels, markets or brands you are active in.

Build trust

The inbuild consent management function will ensure you stay compliant and thus ensure that you are on track regarding which customers have consented to what policy and when.

Protect your customers against fraud and identify theft

In SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya you configure the level of security that is needed, according to the type of data collected, for you to stay compliant with both external and internal requirements.


2BM is a certified SAP partner and highly experienced with Identity and Access Management, SAP compliance, and GDPR, which makes us the ideal partner for your SAP Customer Data Cloud project.

A challenging part in a CIAM project is to ensure alignment of dataflows with the customer journey processes. 2BM supports and facilitates the implementation in order to ensure an optimal configuration of the tool for easier maintenance and better customer experience.


Gigya itself is straightforward to implement and thus you can be live on your first websites/apps in no time.

A typical Gigya implementation project includes the following workstreams:

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