Driver and goods safety

Prevent traffic accidents and ensure goods safety


Predictive maintenance

Assure & document payload safety

Reduced accidents & costs

Reducing traffic accidents while assuring load and driver safety is of upmost importance for transportation companies. By capitalizing on the latest technologies – enterprise mobility, cloud technology, internet of things and big data analytics – 2BM has developed a solution that increases payload security, while reducing accidents and customer operating costs.

The solution allows among others for real-time monitoring of the trucks while adding analytics technology to provide insights into predictive maintenance and driver development requirements.

Key Features

Payload Security

  • Monitor and document the exact temperature and  humidity of the payload (at the level of the product)
  • Ensure that the payload had not been damaged by forces, temperature, humidity etc.


CO2 Emissions

  • Monitor how, why and where your trucks have the CO2 emissions.

Continuous monitoring & support

  • Continuous data on the individual driver pattern
  • Benchmark your driver profiles to identify top & low performers
  • Pinpoint and deliver personalized and targeted training

Laws & Regulations

  • Monitor if & which of your drivers abide by traffic regulations
  • Identify trouble geographical areas or drivers that show repeated breaches in laws and safety regulations
  • Prevent accidents:
    • How do your drivers take the right turns (do they make sure no one is on the bicycle lane?)
    • Real-time alerts are triggered when approaching sharp turns at too high a speed
    • Report of allerts which allows follow-up dialogues with drivers to prevent further breaches

Predictive Maintenance

The sensors perform continuous and automatic analysis of new data against historical data to identify changes in measurements which may indicate observation points that may require attention.

  • By measuring deviations in the sensor data, the trucks can be called in for predictive maintenance
  • There is a much clearer picture of the actual wear and tear of each truck
  • Benchmark different trucks to quickly identify required maintenance points and avoid further wear on the trucks
  • The wear & tear is calculated by monitoring: vibrations, sounds, acceleration, the truck parts, temperature & moisture etc.

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