SAP S/4HANA migration

SAP S/4HANA migration

Prepare and optimize your business for the digital economy with a S/4HANA solution from SAP. The solution helps to create business value by combining a complete and integrated ERP solution, simplified data model and increased transparency across business areas within your company.

Conversion to S/4HANA is not only a technical migration but also a unique opportunity to assess and optimize existing business processes so that they are adapted to the digital journey.

When you collaborate with 2BM, you get a locally based partner with global connections. We are part of the world’s largest SAP reseller Alliance, United VARs – a worldwide network of SAP consultancy houses.

2BM thus supports all deliveries in the S/4HANA conversion project, from pre-analysis to go-live, including:

  • Detecting current processes and identifying needs for improvement (pain points)
  • Design of future solution
  • Recommendation of conversion strategy, including whether to migrate to a cloud solution, a locally owned on-premise solution or a partial cloud-based solution for certain processes.
  • Technical and functional S/4HANA readiness check
  • Migration, data conversion and go-live


Optimize your business for the digital economy with a S/4HANA solution: “One single source of truth.”

SAP S/4 HANA is the next generation of a modern ERP system. The S/4 HANA, which runs on SAP’s new HANA database, offers a wide range of enhancements:

Hyperscale Cloud

All new IT systems are born in Hyperscale (Netflix, Apple, Facebook, etc.). IT systems and infrastructure have been moved to Hyperscale – so should ERP.

Data storage in SAP

A simplified data structure on a high-speed HANA database that provides new opportunities to analyze a company’s performance in real-time, and thereby get the best basis for making decisions.

A simplified data model for simplifying processes and quick access to integrated data within finance, logistics and planning.

SAP Cloud Platform

SAP expands the system of access to services and functionality on Cloud. Development is moving away from the “core” into an innovation platform.

Embedded Analytics

Reporting and advanced KPI tools are now integrated into the S/4HANA database. In S/4HANA we work with all tables and data at once via AI and Machine Learning features.

Improved user experience

With SAP Fiori, the system is accessed through a collection of mobile applications for the most widely used SAP functions and can be accessed on all mobile devices. Data is processed and analyzed directly from KPI dashboards and reports.


S/4HANA can either be delivered as a Cloud solution, an On-Premise solution or as a combination of these – Hybrid.
Cloud solution

Applications are accessed on a platform that is run and maintained by SAP

On-Premise solution

Applications are accessed on a local platform that is developed and maintained by the company itself.

Hybrid solution

Is a combination of the cloud and on-premise. The core processes are located on an On-Premise solution, while selected processes can be accessed in the cloud.

The choice of implementation strategy depends on the size and needs of the company and will be uncovered in a pre-analysis.

We also offer:


The new platform enables the use of information collected using new technologies

S/4HANA pre-analysis

Get the right foundation for a S/4HANA migration with a pre-analysis

Free S/4HANA Workshop

2BM offers to give you a non-binding workshop on S/4HANA

S/4HANA Business Case Calculator

Identify the business potential of the S/4HANA implementation

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