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Watch or rewatch our two previous webinars in our S/4HANA trilogy and don’t miss the last and final episode: The Big What, February 11, 2021

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Episode 3 completes our S/4HANA trilogy. Here you will get an insight into what S/4HANA can give your company and how you stand strongest in the digital future. Mark Beveridge from Moberg Pharma AB tells more about the company’s S/4HANA implementation and the step into the future. We are working on a strong closing – more info will follow.


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The BIG HOW – episode 2 in 2BM’s trilogy


In episode 2, we went one the step further and took a closer look at the journey to S/4HANA. We reviewed the five most important elements that an organization must consider before the transition to S/4HANA. Mark Beveridge from Moberg Pharma AB talked about his ‘S/4HANA travel experiences’, and about how doing business before S/4HANA today seems completely old-fashioned when looking back.



At our webinar The Big How, we asked the participants what they thought the new ERP systems are capable of. Specifically, we asked the question: When will the SAP system be better at doing business than man?

The result was interesting and also a little surprising. It was faster than we expected as 21% answered 0-5 years and 45% answered 5-10 years.

We also asked our participants when they thought the SAP system would be better at bookkeeping than man. Here, the result was quite convincing, with 54% believing that the system is already better.

We who work with this understand the development that is going on. This will change how we do business and how business is supported radically. The reason we asked this question is, we want you to think about how crazy a thought it is that bookkeeping can become completely automatic.

It’s just a matter of using the right ERP system.

One of our participants pointed out that man is probably the biggest obstacle to this actually becoming a reality. If we want to use technology, then it’s already here.




Episode 1 of our S/4HANA trilogy took its starting point in Digitization and Industry 4.0 in a post-Covid-19 perspective. Together with Dansk Erhverv, we focused on why digitalization cannot wait until tomorrow.

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