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The new platform enables the use of information collected using new technologies

S/4HANA The Big Why


2BM offers to give you a non-binding workshop on S/4HANA

S/4HANA pre-analysis


Get the right foundation for a S/4HANA migration with a pre-analysis

S/4HANA migration


Get the right foundation for a S/4HANA migration with a pre-analysis


by 2BM


2BM has developed a tool that can assess the business potential of S/4HANA based on the current “Pain Points” in your core business processes. ​

The basis for a business process optimization is the ability to overview relevant real-time information about customers, vendors, supply chain and financial performance.

Dashboards and access to real-time based data on the HANA database is one of the primary benefits of an S/4HANA implementation. ​

In collaboration with the customer, 2BM identifies the value drives in the business where current functionality does not support the potential of the business process. The efficiency improvements and financial savings associated with the optimization in S/4HANA is calculated and prepared for a business case. ​

The analysis is delivered as a fixed-price project, and the expected duration is approximately 1-2 weeks depending on the scope of value drivers and pain points in your company.


Based on a series of meetings and workshops with the business process owners and our experienced 2BM SAP consultants, the analysis will include the following phases:


Identification of value pools in current business processes


  • Processes that can be optimized in S/4HANA (value drivers)​
  • E.g. stock bindings, back-order issues, outstanding debtors, etc.​

Demo of processes in S/4HANA


  • Via FIORI the standard processes are demonstrated in S/4HANA

Assessing the potential of process optimization in S/4HANA


  • An estimate of financial savings by the implementation of new processes

Business case for S/4HANA optimization


  • Documentation of the potential benefits for corporate decision-makers


  • Start your S/4HANA journey
  • Identify pain points and value drivers in a current setup​ ​
  • An estimate of financial savings by process optimization in S/4HANA​
  • Decision basis for S/4HANA implementation​


the big trilogy webinars

The Big Why

Rewatch our webinar ‘The Big Why’, where 2BM and Dansk Erhverv are focused on why digitalization cannot wait until tomorrow. Learn more about digital transformation and industry 4.0 and understand how S/4HANA is transforming the companies of the future.

The Big How

In episode 2, we went one the step further and took a closer look at the journey to S/4HANA. We reviewed the five most important elements that an organization must consider before the transition to S/4HANA. Mark Beveridge from Moberg Pharma AB talked about his ‘S/4HANA travel experiences’, and about how doing business before S/4HANA today seems completely old-fashioned when looking back.

The Big What

Episode 3 concludes our S/4HANA trilogy. Here you get an insight into what S/4HANA can give your company and how you stand strongest in the digital future. In addition, you can experience a panel debate with Conny Thorsted from Haldor Topsøe and Bent Nielsen from DSB. Both companies are at different levels of the transition to S/4HANA. Get their most important learnings and get ready for your own transition.

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