Recruiting in a new era

Digitalization and virtual work. Two elements that are essential to us nowadays. The corona crisis has shown us why digitalization is important. “Physical” meetings with our colleagues, have become online meetings with camera, which develops our digital competencies. Gathering of information is easier due to new technologies, and that must be utilized.

Moreover, a new generation is moving into the labor market. A generation that has grown up with digital products – tablets, smartphones, etc. Organizations are, therefore, forced to create a digital profile that can appeal to the young generation. But how do we create a digital profile? And can we utilize our own developed digital competencies and accelerate our work tasks and processes?

In my few years in the labor market, I have learned a lot about different recruiting processes at several organizations. It is not unusual to have 6-8 candidates for the first interview and 2-3 candidates for the second interview. If the hiring manager is present at both interview rounds, the time spent can easily reach 10 hours to occupy a single position – solely on conducting the interviews. For planning, preparation, and the conducting of interviews combined, the time spent easily reaches at least 25-30 hours.

What if you could meet the candidate before the first interview? What if the candidate could meet you, the hiring manager, as well? I dream about a day where we only invite one or two candidates to interviews, where one of them, or both, are the perfect match.

But it is even realistic to think that way? I believe that it is – with the correct choices. And the correct choice is video screenings. Both parties will get a first impression and make their first assumption before the interview, while it is possible for the hiring manager to invite fewer candidates to interviews. In these times of Covid-19, you also help yourself and your surroundings, by cutting the number of invited candidates in half.

Furthermore, the quality of the invited candidates will increase, since the hiring manager can evaluate the candidates on brand new grounds, rather than just reading a CV and application. And that is good! The digital profile will also be created, which will accommodate the demands from the new generation, entering the labor market.

But how does it work? Well, the hiring manager records themselves while asking questions, such as “What part of our company interests you the most?”, whereafter the candidates replie with a video. The responses usually last between 30 seconds and one minute.

This leads to an evolved process for selection of candidates, where one can be more specific in his/her choice of candidate, while the field of candidates can be substantially reduced early in the recruiting process.

Furthermore, a recruiter survey from 2019, conducted by RecRight, shows that using video screenings can reduce the time spent on the screening- and selection process by 65%.

As candidates get their first impression of the organization when applying for a job, it is crucial to show the digital profile this early. That makes the organization more attractive for the young generation, which will increase the likelihood of the candidate wanting to apply for the job.

I am a major advocate for video screenings. At 2BM, we offer a product you can embed into your SuccessFactors solution. Our motto is THE FUTURE@WORK, hence we offer products that are not only safe for the future, but will also accelerate and digitalize the way we work.

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The product is called RecRight, and is already being used by Netflix, Uber, and KPMG among others.

Contact us if you want to accelerate and ensure the quality of your recruiting process and create a digital profile, catered to the new generation. Then we can talk about what we can do for your organization.

RecRight’s video screening software from the manager’s perspective

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