Railway safety & security

Real-time sensoring & analytics

Ensure pasanger safety with real time alerts

Predictive maintenance of trains and tracks

Cut costs and reaction time

Ensuring safety and security for passangers, staff and equipment is of paramount importance and consists of an interaction between people, equipment and security systems.

Through the use of groundbreaking technology such as sensoring, big data and analytics, 2BM has developed an application that can monitor in real time the entire railway system, offering real information and analysis of train operations.

Business Benefits

  • Identifying potential for improvements, preventive maintenance, security breach compliance etc.
  • Assure road, material, passenger and infrastructure safety
  • Predictive maintenance of trains & tracks based on actual data from sensors
  • Track monitoring – with overview of load, speed, tracks with highest material impact etc.
  • Triggered real-time alerts & documentation of violations
  • Prevent accidents and identify accident causes

Key Features

  • Sensors installed on trains & tracks perform continuous and automatic analysis to uncover areas needing attention
  • Real time alerts for accident prevention and supplementary black box for accident analysis
  • Data analytics with actionable business insights
  • Transport Multi-sensor device transmits continuous data to cloud server


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