Upgrading of global SAP portal user interface (UI) to new user experience (UX) based on HR Renewal and UI5 technologies

About Jysk

JYSK is a global retail chain that sells ‘everything for the home’. JYSK is owned by Lars Larsen, who opened his first store in Aarhus, Denmark back in 1979. Since then, JYSK has grown to become a global concern known as JYSK GROUP, which is organised between the following subsidiaries: JYSK NORDIC, JYSK FRANCHISE and DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER.

Today, JYSK GROUP has more than 2,300 stores, 20,000 employees across 41 countries, and an annual turnover of EUR 2.9 billion.

The Solution

We have implemented a complete HR Renewal solution, to replace the customers aging SAP Portal Solution

The new solution is based on SAP’s cutting edge technologies – such as SAPUI5, Fiori as well as SAP Netweaver Gateway.

We implemented a new user experience, based on SAP UI5 technology and SAP Suite Pagebuilder technology.

The complete user experience is tied together – using SAP Netweaver Business Client as the frontend.

The solution is themed to the customers need – and as a result is very compliant with the corporate identity of the customer.

Overall simplification of JYSKS business processes, and and overall easier solution for the enduser, as well as better maintainability for the line of business.

The Challenge

The Jysk HR Portal is used in all the jysk stores around the world, and the solution is aging – why an upgrade was planned. The upgrade has several requirements – besides the new user experience:

  • Users need to be able to access the solution in their native language.
  • Only one solution – even though some of the businesslogic is slighty different.
  • Ready for the future (mobile, fiori etc).

Solution key features:

  • SAP UI5 Technology
  • Role-based, and is delivered through NWBC Html.
  • Themed for greater corporate identity.
  • Simple to use, yet powerfull features.
  • Fewer clicks / more intuitive solution.
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