Merger of Pay Systems

About Dong Energy

DONG Energy is one of the leading energy groups in Europe. DONG Energy’s business is based on procuring, producing, distributing and trading energy and related products in Europe

Today, 85% of DONG Energy’s heat and power is produced by fossil fuels – mainly coal. Over the next 30 years they aim to reduce their CO2 emissions per produced kWh to 15% of current levels. Within the next 10 years they aim to halve CO2 emissions per kWh produced.

DONG Energy is headquartered in Denmark and had approximately 6000 employees and a turnover of USD 55 billion in 2010.

The Challenge

Dong Energy was created in 2006 through the merger of 6 large Danish companies: DONG, Elsam, Energy E2, Nesa, Copenhagen Energy (Electric) and Frederiksberg Supply.

This resulted in a complex process and system landscape that DONG Energy was now in the process of streamlining

A natural part of this efficiency improvement project was to ensure that all employees are managed through the same common SAP HCM solution, including the payment of wages which in the past have been handled by 4 different systems out of which one was not SAP-based.

The Solution

In less than 24 months, DONG Energy  have fused 2 KMD SAP Net Pay Calculator solutions that ran on separate systems with a KMD Perspective Salaray (Unix-based with employee master data synchronized with SAP) into a single, coherent KMP SAP Net Pay Calculator platform that is geared to handle future expansion, both in the number of employees and size/complexity of conventions and agreements.

All employee master data will be in the same system and all payment of wages from Denmark will be made from the system in order to ensure high transparency and reliability.

Amazing solution

Initial systems

month implementation


Why 2BM?

Steen Gotfredsen, Manager, ERP Finance & HR:


”Choosing 2BM as our partner for the merger of our systems and processes was easy because 2BM was already well established in our organization. 2BM has benn involved in DONG Energy’s SAP HCM projects over the last 10 years and has been our preferred SAP HCM Partner since 2009.”


We use our partnership with 2BM to lift our own international consultants and get supplied with the latest knowledge not only about SAP HCM, but also about how we can best utilize SAP HCM in our internal processes.

We have already achieved many goals and we will continue to achieve our goals in the future in close cooperation with 2BM.”

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