GPS Tracking & Intelligent Log Books


About Banedanmark

Banedanmark maintains and renews the Danish railroads and ensures 40.000 departures and arrivals every day. 170 million passengers and 15 million tons cargo are transported every year and while Banedanmark are working for a reliable train services today, Banedanmark are also in the process of expanding the railway to future needs.

The Challenge

Banedanmark commands a fleet of more than xxx service vehicles and xxx pieces of rolling stock. These are used execute a broad range of maintenance orders as Banedanmark continues to maintain and expand the danish national railway infrastructure.

In this context Banedanmark was facing a number of challenges:

  • A general lack of knowledge about usage patterns and location of vehicles and stock
  • A time consuming and manual localization process
  • Missing and inadequate registrations in logbooks for rolling stock and service vehicles
  • Loss of income due to inadequate billing of vehicle / stock usage on maintenance orders
  • Theft of service vehicles
  • Excessive driving and fuel consumption

The Solution

For Banedanmark, 2BM has implemented a GPS tracking solution that equips all service vehicles and rolling stock with hardware containing GPS receivers and cellular data communication (GSM). Additionally all vehicles and stock has been equipment with electronic key readers for driver identification. By collecting all this information, Banedanmark now have a precise and always updated dataset that very accurately describes the exact movement and usage of all vehicles and stock.

Based on this new knowledge 2BM constructed an automated digital logbook system. The digital logbook is intelligent and automatically fills out all information for each individual trip and employee. Information such as time, route, milage, and employee number is automatically captured. By integrating the solution with Banedanmarks existing time registration solution, 2BM has also been able to automatically deduct corresponding maintenance orders for each trip and add theses as “objectives” to the logbook. This makes the automatically captured digital logbooks fully compliant with requirements from the Danish Tax Authorities. It also enables the system to automatically distribute the cost of vehicle and stock usage to corresponding maintenance orders.


Key Advantages

Banedanmark has achieved a number of qualitative improvements in logbooks for service vehicles and rolling stock. On top of this, Banedanmarks has also gained advanced tools for analyses of driving patterns and localization of service vehicles and rolling stock. This has resulted in a significant reduction in overall miles traveled as well as significant reduction in fuel consumption. Additionally the system has also proven valuable by allowing Banedanmark to stop attempted theft of service vehicles on several occasions.

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