Project Management


And that all tasks are clearly defined and communicated.

Professional Project Management

Professional Project Management is key to success and a guaranteed accelerator!

Our project managers are among some of the best, because they manage to stay focused and ensure that both you and themselves reach the target. According to Gartner, the research institute, 75 % of all IT projects fail. The main reason is poor management, which covers everything from schedules to budgets and quality.

The foundation for the success of IT-projects lies in the implementation of an effective project management model, that keeps costs, schedules, and risks in check without project deliverables lacking relevance nor quality.

At 2BM we have extensive experience with optimization of project deliverables through simple and proven project models and templates based on best practices. In addition, we have a team of project managers – both internal and external – several of which have great expertise in areas such as HR and payroll from a number of large government projects, while others have filled their role in a wide spectrum of logistics, manufacturing and utilities in both business and change management projects.


For many years, we have focused on building a complete approach to how we want to realize our clients’ projects. Today, that gives us a strong, unified concept of project management, utilizing best practice methods towards processes and tools. Altogether, this means that we have both the expertise, the talents, and the application of technology and methodology to manage your digital transformation projects and processes toward your goal.


All of our project managers are certified in PRINCE2, IPMA and Agile. They know the traditional methods to accelerate your projects and help reduce risks. At the same time, they understand how to increase coordination and improve communication as the project progresses and needs adjusting. We work with SAP Activate and ASAP on our SAP projects, and we can work with the public OIO architecture methodology and IT project model – depending on your preferences and needs. We can work according to the Waterfall Model or to the Scrum framework, however, we often use a combination of both, completely controlled by the culture of your organization.

WANT TO KNOW MORE about 2BM’s project management and methods as well as our release management process? We offer a free introduction to our various service offerings. Contact us so we can answer your questions and to discuss how our specific services can create value for you and your business.

With 2BM Project Management you will

Accelerate your projects


Improve communication


Reduce risk

Enhance coordination

According to Gartner, 75% of all IT project fail. The most frequently cited reasons for this were unmet schedule, budget and quality goals. Thus, key to the success of any project is to have an effective project management model that manages costs and time constraints and minimizes risks.

2BM has extensive experience in how to optimize project delivery through simple and proven project delivery models and templates for rapid implementation. 2BM’s Project Management & Delivery is a guaranteed accelerator and error and risk minimizer.

2BM’s Project Management & Delivery service offerings include:

Release Management

A controlled go-live is ensured by a professional and focus Release Management process. 2BM has gathered best practices on how to secure cutover planning, fall-back planning, together with a release process to decide upon go-live.

2BM’s Release Management assures:

  • One master plan with stakeholder buy-in
  • All cross-project activities are handled
  • Environment dependencies are identified
  • Structured cutover planning
  • Fewer errors after go-live
  • A supported go-live decision
  • All mitigations are identified to secure go-live.

Project Delivery Model

Project success highly depends on a project’s ability to work according to an effective and simple delivery model, which is easy to communicate and use by all project members. The question is how we can ensure the implementation of an effective, but yet simple Project Delivery model.

2BM’s experience has proved that a professional, simple and focused Project Delivery model is key to success and a guaranteed project accelerator!

2BM has many years of experience in ways to optimize project delivery and has defined a simple and proven project delivery model which is fully supported by templates and project tools to assure rapid implementation.

Embedded elements:

Project methodology
Project planning
Project facilitation
Project financials
Project reporting
Project templates
Project QA

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