2BM SAP Payroll Service Outsourcing

2BM SAP Payroll Service performs all salary related tasks for our customers.

What is payroll outsourcing?

With payroll outsourcing you use a payroll service provider to handle all your payroll administrative tasks and processes.  

Why outsource payroll?

For smaller and medium sized companies there are numerous reasons to outsource payroll. The primary reasons are to save costs, eliminate dependency on individual employees and to use your resources more efficiently.  

It is expensive to have own payroll resources. You may only have one employee running the day-to-day administration. But what is that employee is absent? If the payroll is outsourced, you avoid hiring additional resources. Outsourcing gives greater efficiency in work processes; specialists perform the tasks. You do not need to know anything about payroll and regulation. 

When outsourcing the payroll administration and processes, you can focus on your core business and use your employees more efficiently – e.g. for strategic tasks and other tasks that gives immediate result on the company bottom line. 

why choose 2bm as your payroll provider?

For the 2BM SAP Payroll Service team, it is all about on-time delivery, creating added value and new opportunities within your business.

With 2BM’s SAP Payroll Service team, your company gets a very experienced business partner with great expertise within payroll, reimbursement, HR and legislations e.g. Tax rules, vacation rules.

Our Payroll Service Team relies on best practices in all our payroll processes and tasks. This combined with internal controls and 4 eyes principles guarantees correct and on-time payroll.


What includes?

Maintaining your employees in the SAP payroll system – hiring, change and termination

Managing your payroll input e.g. recurring payments/deductions and additional payment 

Running your salary – monthly and/or bi-weekly 

Making sure that your payroll is executed on time, covering all aspects of regulations and legislation

Delivering payslips to your employees in the form you prefer (e.g.: eBoks) 

Balancing the salaries with your financial system and e-Income 

Reporting to e-Income, public authorities, holiday banks and other external partners that you may prefer

Requesting salary and benefits reimbursements from the public authorities (maternity leave and sickness) 

Producing the reports from the SAP payroll system according to your requests 

Supporting day2day queries on payroll directly from your employees  and/or HR department

Managing testing in SAP systems during legal and business changes regarding payroll

“2BM is an ideal partner for us in terms of payroll processing and maintenance of our SAP HR solution. 2BM’s outsourcing concept is based on the fact that payroll processing takes place on our own SAP system. The solution thus did not require system implementation, which has contributed to the transition being cheap, efficient and hassle-free. At the same time, it is important to us that 2BM can also maintain our solutions, for example in connection with new legislation. Finally, 2BM can provide SAP wall-to-wall support. We have experienced 2BM as a committed, professional and effective partner.”

The contract manager

Danish company in the oil industry

2bm payroll service team

Our team consists of payroll specialists who together have 25+ years of  experience with SAP KMD netto Pay, Finance and compliance ensuring the best payroll service team you can imagine.  

We put pride in good service and happy customers. And are willing to go a long way to achieve that.  

Katrine Meier

Head of ServiceCenter and Payroll Service

Marianne Rysbjerg

Payroll Consultant

Henriette Petersen

Payroll Consultant

Diana Torbensen

Payroll Consultant

Adis Becirevic

Adis Becirevic

Senior Consultant

Christina Dybdal

Payroll Consultant

Louise Kjøller

Payroll Consultant

Lene S. Villumsen

Payroll Consultant

Mads Eske Jessen

Mads Eske Jessen

Partner, HCM Team Lead

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Katrine Meier

Head of ServiceCenter

Karina Vittrup


Jesper Thusgaard

Sales Manager



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