2BM SAP Payroll Service

2BM SAP Payroll Service performs all salary related tasks for our customers.

Reduce TCO with up to 40%

Lower HR capital investment

Lower HR operating costs

Scandlines chose 2BM

The agreement is an economic saving for Scandlines. 2BM has the critical mass required to optimally combine their effectiveness and service for competitive prices. The agreement means that Scandlines has been able to focus more on our core business, while at the same time relying on an outsourced salary process that is stable and competent.

Since 2010, 2BM has been running our salary process smoothly and without problems, which only shows us that Scandlines made the right decision to begin with.


Anders Frohn

Regional Personel Manager, Scandlines

Key Features

2BM SAP Payroll Service is all about savings and on-time delivery. But also it is about creating added value and new opportunities within your business. Choose 2BM as you partner and we will:

  • We create and retire your employees in the payroll system.
  • We record wages; holiday absences etc. on your employees and update salary scales based on business agreements.
  • We run your monthly (weekly/fortnight) salary services and make sure that the paychecks are delivered to your employees in the form you prefer (ex: eBoks)
  • We align the salaries with your financial system and e-Income.
  • We report to e-Income, public authorities, holiday banks and other external partners that you may prefer.
  • We request salary and benefits reimbursements from the public authorities (maternity leave and sickness).
  • We make sure that your payroll is executed, covering all aspects of regulations and legislation. As a result, potential risks of mistakes.
  • We arrange for all statutory to Danish authorities such as SKAT, ATP, Holiday banks, pension providers etc.
  • We produce the reports from the payroll system according to your requests.
Payroll Process

Key benefits

  • >Price< per paycheck.
  • This is our core business.
  • You do not have to know anything about payroll and rules.
  • Safety and security in everyday life; Eliminate dependence on individual employees.
  • Greater efficiency in work processes; Specialists are working with the task.
  • Cost Savings Advantages; more customers operated simultaneously – optimal staffing.
  • Convenience; Outsourcing payroll services allows your company to focus on your core business.
  • A complete Danish setup with local presence in Denmark.

Your time is valuable! Don’t waste it in areas where an expert can be hired.

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