Outsourcing of payroll administration

About the customer

Our customer became established in Denmark when it acquired another company in 2017. As a result of the acquisition, our customer gained 400 new colleagues and an existing SAP solution that included SAP HR. An acquisition of this calibre requires a huge amount of effort in all areas, not least in administrative areas. From the very beginning, the focus at our customer was that the employees should have a good experience as new employees in the company. An important element in this was ensuring correct and efficient payroll administration from the very first day and that payrolls were paid on time. The management therefore decided to quickly take the handling of payroll administration into consideration and how they should get support for their existing SAP KMD Payroll solution. The management quickly decided that they would not handle the payroll administration themselves. It was therefore only natural that they looked at the market in Denmark, including the leading companies involved in the outsourcing of payroll administration using the SAP KMD Payroll solution.

The solution

2BM was chosen and given responsibility for managing the payroll administration. There were many reasons why the company chose 2BM to be its SAP Payroll and HR Partner – not only are we the leading SAP HR consultancy in Denmark, but among other things, we deliver wall-to-wall support for SAP, SAP BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) payroll administration, and maintenance of the SAP KMD Payroll solution. At 2BM, we already possessed extensive knowledge of the SAP HR solution that came with the acquisition, something our customer placed a great deal of importance on. It was also important for our customer that 2BM’s BPO team could supply the services on the customer’s own SAP system without having to implement any IT solutions. In other words, it was a transition, which solely required the transfer of knowledge and processes to 2BM. This is part of the reason why our customer also placed a lot of importance on the fact that the transition could be implemented quickly, efficiently and faultlessly. 2BM’s services for the customer include personnel administration, management of the organisational structure, handling of all payroll inputs, execution of the actual payroll administration, reporting to SKAT (Danish tax authorities) and other Danish authorities, reporting to the finance department and much more.


The acquisition of 400 new employees required the rapid establishment of a payroll office. Establishing the function promptly involved many time challenges, which meant the natural first step was to look at the possibility of finding a partner who could quickly and efficiently solve the task. Working in close collaboration with the customer, we implemented the transition in two calendar months, and it took us approximately 10 working days to transfer the responsibility for payroll administration. The transition was executed smoothly, payrolls were administered as they should, without any of the employees experiencing a difference.

Why 2BM?

“2BM is an ideal partner for us in relation to payroll administration and maintenance of our SAP HR solution. 2BM’s outsourcing concept is based on payroll administration being executed on our own SAP system. The solution thus did not require system implementation, which helped to ensure the transition was inexpensive, efficient and faultless. At the same time, it’s important for us that 2BM can also maintain our solutions. For example, in relation to new legislation. Finally, 2BM can supply wall-to-wall SAP support. We have found 2BM to be an engaged, professional and effective partner.”

The contract manager


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