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What does it take to become a qualified SAP consultant?

As a SAP consultant at 2BM, it is expected to have an innovative mindset that contributes to effective problem solving – and that is what makes 2BM’s SAP consultants so value-adding.

2BM’s SAP consultants possess expert knowledge in their specific field, making our company competitive in a large market. The unique qualities of the consultants allow us in 2BM to have a learning environment that allows the consultants to share their knowledge with each other, which ultimately contributes to a growth of the company, but also at a personal level. The knowledge that is shared across areas makes our SAP consultants quickly acquire new knowledge, competencies and tools that help create added value for our customers.

Innovative mindset

Problem solving


Knowledge sharing


With a broad, fundamental technological knowledge, our consultants have acquired a mindset that makes it easy and fast to find a SAP solution specifically for your business, so you can quickly achieve your business goals. This includes a great commitment and an ambition to provide the best advice and service to our customers.

SAP is a tool that can be used to solve many different problems within a given area – it could be from store optimization, operations and logistics to HR and personnel management. This means that there are many different methods of using SAP, and it is therefore important to be able to think outside the box.

2BM consultants make high demands on quality and functionality – even for the most challenging tasks. As problem-solvers, our consultants are prepared for any type of task, but often it requires collaboration between several of our skilled specialists. In this way, the consultants will cover all areas and use the entire SAP value chain. Whether it’s system setup, analysis or maintenance and operation, 2BM is ready with SAP consultants for all needs.

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