Hosting an on-premise SAP system at 2BM


About KONE

Established in 1910, KONE is a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry. The company supplies and services elevators, escalators, automatic doors, and provides service and modernisation solutions to commercial buildings.

KONE has over 60,000 employees and operates in more than 60 countries across the globe. The company’s headquarters is in Finland.

KONE has used SAP for many years, using a number of modules, including SAP HCM and payroll administration, which were established on an independent SAP platform.


The challenge

As with many other companies, KONE decided to move their SAP HCM solution to the cloud and at the same time dismantle their SAP HCM platform. This meant that KONE’s Danish and Norwegian HR departments faced a situation where they needed to implement a new payroll administration solution, since both departments operated their payroll administration in SAP.

It was assessed that changing their established platform in Norway and Denmark would be demanding compared to continuing with their current solution, which in reality covered both of their countries’ needs. They therefore wanted to look at alternatives that could cover the area without requiring major changes or changing their current platform.

The solution

Because of 2BM’s existing close collaboration with KONE, 2BM was asked to devise a potential solution for this challenge. The solution involved moving KONE’s SAP HCM system over to a SAP system hosted by 2BM. Since the existing solution thus did not need to be changed, it was relatively easy to move the technical setup.

Because KONE decided to retain the SAP ERP system on-premise, an interface between the new hosted SAP HCM system and KONE’s SAP ERP system was created, so that time data etc. could be exchanged between the two systems.

Because the company also wanted a full history of their employees, we used to tool Easy Clone from SpinifexIT to copy all of the employees from the previous SAP HR system at KONE, over to the new SAP system.


By moving the system to a hosting solution at 2BM, KONE avoided having to find and acquire a new payroll administration system. At the same time, KONE did not have to take on the responsibility for the maintenance of the systems and platforms. So overall, the solution saved KONE time and money and saved the company from having to undertake a major and resource-heavy project.

Why 2BM?

“Having known and collaborated with 2BM since 2004, it was only natural for us to ask 2BM if they could help when the company was informed that we had to find a new payroll administration system. Because of the IT security rules at KONE, we had to think out of the box, which 2BM were really great at, and we succeeded in implementing the project in close collaboration. 2BM saved us a huge amount of time and money, and it has had a huge impact for our business.”

Per Löwe Jacobsen

KONE Way business development director KONE Scandinavia / Finance director at KONE A/S Denmark


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