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At 2BM we invest a large part of our profits in development and innovation. It gives both us and our clients the opportunity for innovative thinking. Further, it gives us the ability to go in depth with existing systems and products, where many of the best solutions for efficient improvement and future disruptions are hidden.

It is within this intersection – between the pre-existing and things not yet seen – that our employees’ extensive business knowledge and competence from many industries of previous employment, play an important role in ensuring all of our customers progression. This intersection creates the possibility for our innovative and creative employees to be inspired by the latest technology and with a readiness for change and learning, we optimize our methods and models, enabling us to always create products and implement solutions that match our customer’s needs, wishes and requirements.

Digital transformation and Industry 4.0

Understand how S/4HANA is transforming the companies of the future.

2BM offers to make a non-binding workshop on S/4HANA and future ERP systems. We also demonstrate how digitization is transforming business towards an Industry 4.0 society.

During the Workshop, we review how ”The Intelligent Enterprise” works and how it creates significant business value for the companies of the future.

gratis workshop

Book a free workshop and learn more about industry 4.0 and the future ERP-system S/4HANA

the big trilogy webinars

The Big Why

Rewatch our webinar ‘The Big Why’, where 2BM and Dansk Erhverv are focused on why digitalization cannot wait until tomorrow. Learn more about digital transformation and industry 4.0 and understand how S/4HANA is transforming the companies of the future.

The Big How

In episode 2, we went one the step further and took a closer look at the journey to S/4HANA. We reviewed the five most important elements that an organization must consider before the transition to S/4HANA. Mark Beveridge from Moberg Pharma AB talked about his ‘S/4HANA travel experiences’, and about how doing business before S/4HANA today seems completely old-fashioned when looking back.

The Big What

Episode 3 concludes our S/4HANA trilogy. Here you get an insight into what S/4HANA can give your company and how you stand strongest in the digital future. In addition, you can experience a panel debate with Conny Thorsted from Haldor Topsøe and Bent Nielsen from DSB. Both companies are at different levels of the transition to S/4HANA. Get their most important learnings and get ready for your own transition.


Our solutions save lives through higher transport security and creates sustainability by minimizing energy consumption and reduced emissions of CO2.


We believe that the smart use of new technologies can increase safety and save lives.

We use automated sensoring and artificial intelligence to create beautiful and intelligent user interfaces that give the holistic insights and knowledge that organizations need to have complete control of their operations.

Measuring everything from temperature to movement and humidity we give the power of on-the-spot informed decisions through predictive maintenance and documented security.


Our solutions include

SAP Sensor

Business Insights Visualized

Railroad & Train

Predictive maintenance & safety

Transport of goods

Documented cargo security

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