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Put your business in motion. Become a mobile enterprise

Think Mobile First

Today, efficiency means thinking mobility into all aspects of your business. With an integrated mobile solution, employees have access to data and systems at all times – both online and offline. We call it instant access.

The IBM MobileFirst platform caters to both large and small businesses and budgets. MobileFirst makes it easy to deploy and manage mobile applications and mobile devices throughout the organization, moving the business from being mobile ready to being ‘mobile first’. Read more here.

Organizations that are leading the way in enterprise mobility are two times more likely to outperform their industry peers, and to grow their revenue by at least 10%. At 2BM, this is the core of our business – assisting our clients in creating the best mobile solutions to optimize their performance.

By developing and implementing the best apps and technological solutions suited to your needs and infrastructure, we can improve your enterprise’s efficiency.

Business Benefits


When organizations decide to focus on mobile, it is essential to build and deploy apps that can run smoothly on different mobile devices so they meet the needs of the employees. IBM MobileFirst is perfectly compatible with SAP letting you simplify and optimize your IT infrastructure and keeping your business running at top performance level.

With IBM MobileFirst you can:

Easily create, deploy and update great apps

Today, good apps are not enough – you need great apps. Great apps offer employees flexibility through access to business data and systems both off- and online. Great apps allow you to efficiently build, and deploy apps that can be updated quickly and often. Great apps run smoothly regardless of device or operation system.

Protect and manage a mobile infrastructure to optimize performance

Provide trusted mobile interactions to the workforce on the go, as you manage and add greater security and optimize their performance: Employees can work anytime from anywhere with secure mobile access to data, systems and infrastructure.

Engage customers by leveraging mobile insights

Connect with the customer to create deeper engagement. Discover new opportunities and deliver contextually relevant experiences based on new insights from embedded analytics in the apps.

Achieve the desired business outcome from your SAP investment.

IBM MobileFirst is perfectly compatible with SAP, letting you simplify and optimize your IT infrastructure and keeping your business running at top performance level.


Fire up the future with 2BM

While explosive global mobile adoption opens significant opportunities for enterprise growth and innovation, adoption of mobile also creates new challenges. Chief among these challenges is the need to reimagine, reinvent and retool your business for a mobile-first approach. Compatibility is not sufficient—mobile must be at the core of your strategy right from the start.


2BM can help you to:

  • Create a mobile strategy to start reaping the benefits of enterprise mobility today
  • Implement the MobileFirst platform to easily deploy and manage your applications
  • Create mobile apps for tomorrows business today through design thinking workshops
  • Maintain and support your apps through our service center

By choosing MobileFirst as your mobile platform you get a solution that fits different systems, and makes it easy for you to deploy great apps and manage your mobile infrastructure, thus taking your company from merely being mobile ready, to strategically thinking “mobile first”.

Technical Features

Cross-platform or native-only

Supports rich, integrated lifecycle for cross-platform or native applications.

Essential backend infrastructure for a mobile application

Simplified via adapters and encrypted data store with offline sync; security features: transmission of data, application authenticity testing, and authentication.

One platform, get it your way: cloud; on premise

Ensure quality; enable mobile application operations & support teams to manage and troubleshoot apps.
Seamlessly secure and manage your devices, applications, content and transactions with advanced mobile management, secure productivity suite, secure gateway access, secure document sharing, and advanced threat protection and prevention.

Build your apps, your way with IBM

BlueMix. BlueMix offers you access to a complete collection of backend services to build and scale your app faster. You can enhance your app with analytics, security, user insight, and continuous delivery, and add another layer of engagement with your users with indoor location and natural language conversation. Read more here


About IBM MobileFirst

IBM MobileFirst has been ranked as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Entreprise Mobility Management Suites. Download report here.

IBM MobileFirst has been recognized as the innovative mobile platform by none other than Apple, who have partnered up with IBM to collaborate on creating best-in-class enterprise mobile apps. Read more here.

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The JYSK HR Portal is used in all the JYSK stores around the world, and as the solution was aging, an upgrade was planned. The needed upgrade included several requirements besides a new user experience. The new solution is based on SAP’s cutting edge technologies – such as SAPUI5, Fiori as well as SAP Netweaver Gateway.

Grundfos – SAP Fiori

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Train maintenance at DSB is a challenging task that is carried out by skilled, self-managed service technicians. Often, the trains are at the maintenance plant for only 30 minutes before they are needed elsewhere. Trains are long and it takes time to walk from one end to the other, and maintenance is governed by strict safety legislations. DSB wanted to get rid of their paper based maintenance process in order to ensure their workers quick access to updated work and maintenance instructions and technical documentation.

SAP flourished at LEO Pharma

LEO Pharma was facing the issue every SAP system user faces; a user experience that kept on degenerating in the classic SAP and Enterprise Portal view. LEO Pharma wanted to have a user interface that was mobile and intuitive in order to meet the expectations of any IT user living today.

SKOV – 2BM Mobile Work Order

SKOV is a world leading provider of climate and farm management solutions. For more than 40 years, SKOV has developed ventilation systems, production computers and management programs to customers all over the world, ensuring high productivity and animal welfare.

Banedanmark – VH-Order

2BM Mobile Work Order is an iPad application used by 600 maintenance technicians at Banedanmark. When working in the field, maintenance technician can easily get an overview, of all work orders assigned to them with always up-to-date information.

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