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Starts with the correct coupling of people, strategy, processes, and technology.

We help you turn HR data into insight, clarity and action.

Human Capital Management has been undergoing a transformation for many years and nothing points to that this will stop anytime soon.

In 2BM we perceive Human Capital Management to be a business strategy enabler, and by optimizing your companies Human Capital Management, aligning people, processes and systems you achieve the highest degree of utilization of you workforce potential, workforce productivity and efficiency.
In 2BM we deliver customized HCM implementation and consulting excellence in the following areas:


We have extensive experience in implementing the right solutions based on your organizations’ needs with focus on efficiency & compliance in the HR processes.


SuccessFactors solutions supports the full HR lifecycle. All solutions are cloud-based, easy to implement, and capable of boosting your organization.

In a business and public sector where the intersection of knowledge, service, and people are becoming increasingly relevant and vital; the HR function contributes to provide insight into the use of human resources and human relations, as an essential component of management and organizations.HR has undergone a major transformation over the past few years, and there is nothing to suggest that this will change. On the contrary, HR helps to understand, analyze, and resolve resource issues and challenges – and from this, HR makes both your business and organization more resilient, sustainable, and above all, it creates a better bottom line.



  • Covering all modules in classic SAP HCM with a broad and deep knowledge of SuccessFactors.
  • Having more than 15 years of experience with the implementation of some of the biggest HR projects in Denmark and Scandinavia.
  • Standing behind most payroll implementations in Denmark. We are the driving force behind a strong, long-standing partnership with KMD.
  • Possessing expertise across various industries and sectors
  • Constituting a bearing part of the leading global networks. For instance, we are the only Danish United VARS partner, allowing us to help your business worldwide.

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