Starts with the correct coupling of people, strategy, processes, and technology.

We help you turn HR data into insight, clarity and action.

Human Capital Management has been undergoing a transformation for many years and nothing points to that this will stop anytime soon.

In 2BM we perceive Human Capital Management to be a business strategy enabler, and by optimizing your companies Human Capital Management, aligning people, processes and systems you achieve the highest degree of utilization of you workforce potential, workforce productivity and efficiency.
In 2BM we deliver customized HCM implementation and consulting excellence in the following areas:


We have extensive experience in implementing the right solutions based on your organizations’ needs with focus on efficiency & compliance in the HR processes.


SuccessFactors solutions supports the full HR lifecycle. All solutions are cloud-based, easy to implement, and capable of boosting your organization.

In a business and public sector where the intersection of knowledge, service, and people are becoming increasingly relevant and vital; the HR function contributes to provide insight into the use of human resources and human relations, as an essential component of management and organizations.HR has undergone a major transformation over the past few years, and there is nothing to suggest that this will change. On the contrary, HR helps to understand, analyze, and resolve resource issues and challenges – and from this, HR makes both your business and organization more resilient, sustainable, and above all, it creates a better bottom line.


At 2BM, we see HR as a strategic business ‘enabler’ that paves the way to create opportunities. By optimizing your company’s HR – aligning people, processes, and systems – you utilize your employees’ potential, productivity and efficiency in the best way possible. While introducing IT solutions in your organization that create cohesion between human resources and the business itself, you and your colleagues create a value that is felt directly throughout the organization, and a growth that can be measured directly on the bottom line.


At 2BM, we deliver HR solutions ‘from cradle to grave’. Our consultancy and product portfolio cover the entire employee life cycle within HR and allow you to analyze the interaction between people, tasks, jobs, and management; so that you can work both practically, managerially, and commercially with HR. We are specialists in both SuccessFactors’ cloud-based HCM solutions, as well as classic SAP, whereby we can provide you and your organization with the upper hand, in regards to producing more, measuring your efforts, and continually improving your processes and results.

HR Specialists

Many of our consultants have a background in HR organizations. Therefore, our deep roots within HR give us a rare ability to put ourselves in you (our customers’) place. It allows us to take a joint responsibility in helping you to run a more efficient business. In other words, we are an IT consultancy and development house, that have specialized in HR-solutions since our foundation. With this expertise, we cover the entire spectrum of HR: we advise, develop, adapt, customize, implement, and support all facets of HR – converting our competences and unique experience into measurable value for our customers.


  • Covering all modules in classic SAP HCM with a broad and deep knowledge of SuccessFactors.
  • Having more than 15 years of experience with the implementation of some of the biggest HR projects in Denmark and Scandinavia.
  • Standing behind most payroll implementations in Denmark. We are the driving force behind a strong, long-standing partnership with KMD.
  • Possessing expertise across various industries and sectors
  • Constituting a bearing part of the leading global networks. For instance, we are the only Danish United VARS partner, allowing us to help your business worldwide.

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Grundfos – SAP Fiori

By applying modern design principles SAP Fiori is the new user experience (UX) for SAP software. Together with the customer it was decided to do a rapid POC of 7 apps within SAP Travel and SD to help Grundfos evaluate the applications

ARLA Foods – support

Arla decided to bring back all their IT processes inhouse to optimize their processes and have better steering and control. The solution at Arla helped them manage day-to-day Support and Change Requests in an ever-changing environment.

Post Danmark – SAP HR & Payroll

Post Danmark’s critical business processes included Salary, time registration and planning systems which were very important when it came to managing and planning the daily work of more than 26.000 employees. Therefore, Post Danmark decided to renew the underlying systems of these key processes. As a result of the project all processes are now handled in a single SAP solution.

New payroll system at large pharmaceutical company

The customer’s existing payroll system was running out of support due to missing technical upgrade options. As the SAP platform already had been implemented for several of the customer’s process areas, including the HR and financial administration, the integrated SAP Payroll solution for KMD Net Pay (KMD Nettoløn) was chosen.

Jysk – Upgrading of global SAP Portal UI to new UX

The JYSK HR Portal is used in all the JYSK stores around the world, and as the solution was aging, an upgrade was planned. The needed upgrade included several requirements besides a new user experience. The new solution is based on SAP’s cutting edge technologies – such as SAPUI5, Fiori as well as SAP Netweaver Gateway.

CPH – SuccessFactors Big Suite Implementation

Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is the main international airport serving Denmark, southern Sweden and many other travelers from nearby countries. It is the largest airport in the Nordics with 29 million passengers (in 2016) and is one of the oldest international airports in Europe.

Dong Energy – Merger of Pay Systems

DONG Energy merged two pay systems running on separate platforms into a single, coherent platform geared to handle future expansion.

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No-deal Brexit

Companies in the EU that trade with the UK or are physically present in the UK should have at this stage started projects that ensure their ERP system can continue to meet the changing legal requirements that will meet them on 31 October.

6 years have passed since SAP purchased SuccessFactors – let’s evaluate… again

It’s been 6 years since SAP purchased SuccessFactors – so, what has happened since then? For one, I have switched from working with on-premise to SuccessFactors – I will, however, try my best to offer an objective comparison and description of some of the pros and cons of SuccessFactors, as I see them.

Becoming an alien – Brexit closing in on your HCM System

Since the expected shape of the labor market is still unclear including employment law, immigration policy, and the length and operation of any transitional period, businesses should be prepared by proactively ensuring a present and qualified workforce.

Workout for academics

Like many of the company’s processes such as procurement, maintenance, inventory management, etc. onboarding just doesn’t get the same attention. But there is money and prestige in not only getting an employee productive as quickly as possible, but also making the employee feel welcome and desired. With Onboarding 2.0, SuccessFactors closes the gap between a successful recruitment and a prepared start-up in the organization.

Key insights from SAPInsider HR 2017

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Key insights from SuccessConnect 2018 in Berlin. We have heard about machine learning for a while now – but it is here and the first features are released in Q3.

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