HCM GDPR Compliance in SAP and SuccessFactors

How to achieve GDPR compliance in SAP

Many companies are struggling to become GDPR compliant before the deadline – 25 May 2018. Join this webinar to hear how we are helping our customers become GDPR compliant. 




Tuesday 24/4 at 15.00 -16.00 CET




  • Time-dependent blocking in SAP HCM – there is a BAdI that will remove infotype access based on their end dates. A select number of HR roles can have extended access
  • Deletion of HR data using an enhanced version of the standard report RPUDELPP
  • Deletion of HR data using SAP’s new ILM object HRPA_PERNR – this will delete the entire employee record, appraisal documents, and send out deletion IDOCs
  • GDPR compliance in SuccessFactors modules
  • Presentation of SuccessFactors Privacy center

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