Why great apps like MobilePay and Uber are challenging your company’s mobile success

10. marts 2017

by Martin Pock 

2016 became the year when mobile devices exceeded traditional desktops in global internet consumption – a significant digital milestone and a testament to why enterprises should think Mobile First when engaging with their clients and employees.

While the demand for mobile applications is increasing rapidly, the perfect user experience becomes essential to stand out in a highly competitive environment. With users accustomed to popular mobile applications such as MobilePay and Uber, which delivers high value and great user experience, the expectation level for all other apps increases accordingly.

A former colleague of mine summed it up perfectly: “The last best experience that anyone has anywhere, becomes the minimum expectation for the experience they want everywhere.” So, how does your application stack up against MobilePay and Uber in terms of value and user experience? Most likely not that well.

Don’t think the comparison doesn’t also apply for those employee applications that are “only” used internally. Employees have the same high expectations for their workplace applications which is derived from the use of their personal apps. The high productivity gain often associated with internal mobile application projects will be never be obtained with poor user experience, since it heavily influences the adoption and usage rates among employees.

Investigating the End-to-End User Journey, including both physical and digital touch points, is essential to create the ultimate user experience. Today, mobile devices are often the primary touch point in the user journey, as they are always at hand and users can engage with your application (and therefore your brand) numerous times a day.

Most likely, your company already have a mobile application for your customers and a few simple applications for your employees. Do you really know how your applications is used and by who? When is it used, for how long and how often do users enter you application and when and why do they leave it again? What features are used the most and the least? Can you make informed decisions on what needs to change in your application in order to create a better user experience and be more relevant for your users? If no, then 2BM can help.

Using Mobile Analytics to learn what your users actually do in your application, is a low-hanging fruit and an easy first step to investigate and improve the user experience based on facts and not solely on app store reviews.

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2BM Mobile Analytics

2BM Mobile Analytics is provided as a service to help you quickly obtain fact based insight on user behavior in your mobile applications in order to create the ultimate mobile user experience. 2BM are specialized in Enterprise Mobility and a certified IBM Business Partner, extending IBM’s market leading expertize within Mobility, IOT and Analytics on the Bluemix Innovation Platform to our enterprise clients.

So please, reach out, if you want real insight and let us create something better for your customers and employees. We can help you close the gap to those annoyingly great apps like MobilePay and Uber.

Martin Pock

Martin Pock

is Head of Enterprise Mobility at 2BM and has been working with cutting edge Mobility solutions since the early 2000. He is a strong proponent and practitioner of Design Thinking and User-centric Design in the enterprise world.

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