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Today, IT is a key factor in the way companies do business, in the services they provide, and in all the information we exchange with both private and public institutions. IT is an integrated part of virtually all organizations’ daily work, and it is therefore necessary that you are aware and can react to the digital vulnerabilities that your company might have.

At 2BM Compliance, we enable you to better monitor and protect your systems and data in SAP. Our risk assessment methodology helps you choose specifically what technical measure you could implement, and how you should do it, to better protect personal data in your SAP landscape.

Your productivity and company reputation can be heavily affected if your technical systems break down or become unreachable. Additionally, you may suffer data loss, which can result in the loss of confidential product material, personal information about customers and employees, and hackers may have the ability to gain access to critical business information. A break-down or loss of data may cause indirect losses such as declined customer loyalty or a damaged reputation.

It is therefore critical to your business that you have the right security and technical measures in place to mitigate those risks. We have extensive knowledge on proper protection and handling of personal data.

Working with us gives you access to:

  • 2BM GDPR Suite for SAP
  • A highly specialized SAP compliance team
  • Deep understanding of SAP and underlying data structure
  • Customizable approach to SAP technical measures, to support GDPR Compliance
  • Security by design and by default for your existing and new processes
  • Procedures and guidelines for handling personal data
  • Training of staff with GPDR e-learning solution
  • Establishment of security organization

All of this is something that we will help you with.

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GDPR Compliance i SAP – Nordic SAP GDPR Conference – 23 May 2018

Nordic SAP GDPR Conference in Copenhagen will focus on how to be GDPR compliant in SAP. The Keynote will be held by Volker Lehnert, who is responsible for the development of GDPR functionality in SAP S/4HANA including Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) and other tools.

Webinar – GDPR House Cleaning in SAP HR

Join this webinar to learn the tricks on how to get started on house cleaning – get immediate value of your GDPR activities. It is a GDPR Requirement that personal data that is no longer needed for the primary processing purpose must be deleted – unless there are other retention periods defined by law or contract, in which case, the data has to be blocked.

Persondata i SAP og forbundne systemer

Deltag i seminar om EU persondataforordningen, hvor vi går i dybden med konkret planlægning og aktiviteter tilknyttet til SAP og forbundne systemer.

Sådan håndterer du persondata sikkert i dine ERP-systemer

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GDPR – Subject Access reporting in SAP

According to the GDPR Article 15 (Right of access by the data subject), individuals have the right to obtain a copy of the personal data registered about them. Companies have 30 days to deliver a Subject Access Report. Learn how to quickly generate a subject access report in SAP in this webinar.

Join us for a 30 minutes webinar, going through how 2BM Subject Access Report for HR can help organizations speed up the process of delivering a Subject Access Report.

Webinar – SAP GDPR Compliance

Comply with the GDPR for data retention with SAP Information Lifecycle Management, which is now license free. Join our 1-hour webinar to learn the different approaches on how to streamline your IT infrastructure and minimize risk by controlling your data in SAP.

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17 May - Stockholm 18 May - Copenhagen  Probably the first conference focusing only on SAP licensing. Come and join 2BM SAP License Compliance...

Nordic SAP License Management Survey 2018/2019

The purpose of this annual survey is to provide SAP customers with information reflecting their maturity level in terms of SAP License Management and to shed light on how other organizations are tackling potential challenges related thereto.

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