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Because mobile solutions help you and your colleagues work more effectively and efficiently. Together, we redefine how your business works by uncovering your real business needs, thereby enhancing your competitiveness.
Mobility typically entails numerous improvements to different processes. To get a concise idea of how far Danish businesses are in making their business mobile and experiencing the maximum value of the opportunities it gives, 2BM conducted a national survey of large Danish organizations. We examined the opinions, experiences, and expectations towards mobilization of the organizations’ key business processes.
We felt the need to do this, because productivity and competitiveness is essential in the modern-day marketplace, and especially for those of us in Denmark who must make ourselves applicable to the global market. The way forward is to make our resources and workflows as efficient as possible, which ensures that we get the most out of our employees. This is where mobility plays a vital role, but is often underutilized.


If we take a closer look at the findings from the report, 57 % of the respondents say that they currently give their customers access to the main systems through a mobile device. It is however interesting, that only 23 % of the same respondents say that they give their employees access to the same main systems. We can therefore conclude, that in practice, companies have a greater focus on serving their customers with mobile access, rather than offering the same access and opportunities to their employees.
Perhaps, it is not that strange after all, since companies always desire to put the customer first, but because of the increasing use of mobile devices in the workplace, which can mean an increase in productivity, it can also mean a lack of focus in employees, which is seen as lost potential. Mobile access means more effective and satisfied employees, optimized workflows and a strongerbottom line. (Link to report)


At 2BM we are proud to be recognized as one of Scandinavia’s strongest and most solid mobility teams. We differentiate ourselves by offering the whole palette in Enterprise Mobility – from strategic consulting to app development and rapid implementation + applicable service. Our more than 15 years of experience with both SAP and Enterprise Mobility means that we know exactly which parameters and processes, we must apply, to make you better equipped for a mobile future. We are also a certified SAP integration partner, Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and are therefore at the forefront when it comes to both consultancy and implementation of mobility solutions. In practice, this means that we use proven project methods to ensure the exact structure and time-to-market that’s needed to change and improve your business.


At 2BM we help you to optimally exploit the opportunities that mobility offers, while we ensure focus on the potential risks. The full benefits of mobility require enhanced control of security. For instance, if you forget your smartphone at a bar in the city, it is of course a pity for you. However, it is twice as problematic for your employer, especially if you have confidential emails or direct access to your company’s systems within it. Therefore, security and compliance are also large areas we specialize in at 2BM.

WANT TO KNOW MORE about the benefits of cooperation in the field of mobility with 2BM?

Please contact us immediately, we stand ready to answer your questions and help you further.

With over 15 years of experience both within SAP and Enterprise Mobility we have the unique experience needed to deliver on all your mobility needs.

2BM is a SAP integration partner and value added reseller. We are thus at the forefront when it comes to consultancy within and implementation of Enterprise Mobility.

We use proven project methodologies to ensure the structure and speed required to reach solutions that change and enhance our customers’ business.

With offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus we are always close to our customers

SAP Co-inovated and Certified

S/4 HANA Ready

Runs on SAP Cloud Platform

Backed by SAP PM

We are a full service Enterprise Mobility provider, offering everything from strategy consulting to app development and rapid deployment.

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