Mobile Plant Maintenance

About DSB

DSB is an independent public corporation owned by the Danish Ministry of Transport, and transports more than 195 million passengers every year. The DSB Group has an annual turnover of approximately 10 billion Danish kroner.

The Challenge

Train maintenance is a challenging task that is carried out by skilled self-managed service technicians. Often trains are at the maintenance plant for only 30 minutes before they are needed elsewhere. Trains are long and it takes time to walk from one end to the other, and maintenance is governed by strict safety legislations. DSB wanted to get rid of their paper based maintenance process and give their workers:

  • A better way to administrate time
  • The latest information at their fingertips
  • Fast access to updated work and maintenance instructions and technical documentation

All of the above would limit the number of redundant steps, and give more time to carry out maintenance tasks. The solution needed to integrate with SAP PM, be in Danish and fit DSB’s maintenance process

The Solution


SAP Work Manager empowers the maintenance worker with the tools they need to efficiently
inspect, maintain, and repair assets. 2BM assisted DSB in implementing the standard solution, and customized the solution to meet their needs.


Better and faster servicing of trains


Quick and accurate data feedback and increased data quality

Standard solution


Reduction of incorrect data by fewer manual processes and entries


Easily administrate maintenance tasks

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