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About Ørsted

Ørsted is one of the leading energy groups in Europe. Their business is based on the acquisition, production, distribution and trade of energy and related products in Europe.

Back in 2010 more than 85% of the heat and power was produced by fossil fuels – mainly coal. Today less than 10 years after, Ørsted has no business in any fossil fuel and has grown into a global leader within green energy with a production of 10.0TWh in 2018.

The slogan is “Let’s create a world that runs entirely on green energy”.

Ørsted is headquartered in Denmark and had approximately 6500 employees and a revenue amounted to DKK 76.9 billion.

The challenge

For businesses, efficient business processes are key to achieving the strength of resources and thereby coping better than the competition. With efficient and rational processes, employees remind you to spend time on interesting and challenging tasks, so they don’t get tired of bureaucracy.

For hourly-paid employees, mobile solutions are a good way to minimize redundant work steps, paper consumption and ensure the quality of the collected data. Ørsted would therefore like to use mobile inventory management at the offshore base in Esbjerg. The base serves offshore drilling platforms and therefore has a special process for packing goods in containers and dispatching the containers to the drilling platforms. The solution had to be integrated with SAP MM and fit the process used at the offshore base in Esbjerg. Standardized software solutions are fast to use, they often cost less than custom-made solutions and have continuous update tools – but they rarely fit completely into the business process.

The solution

With SAP’s standardized mobile inventory management solution, Ørsted got a lot of functionality. With mobile scanners, employees can quickly track materials, make receipts, and hand over and transfer goods. Inventory management is built using SAP’S Agentry structure, which ensures that the standard solution can be easily expanded and customized. After a short three-month implementation period, the necessary adaptations and changes were implemented. Ørsted now uses a standard solution that is perfectly suited to their process.


Faster delivery of goods


Perfectly customized for business process


Eliminating redundant work steps and paper

Why 2BM?

“In recent years, 2BM has been our preferred partner on mobility, and therefore it was a matter of course to use them to implement and customize the SAP Inventory Manager. Their consultants are professional and very knowledgeable about mobile SAP technology. We are delighted with the solution they delivered, which has really reduced the workload for employees on our offshore base. “

Mik Risom Pedersen

Manager, Integration & Security


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