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Can you afford to wait getting ready for the new digital playgrounds, when your competitors are already playing with your customers?

Things are moving faster than ever, and the amount of available data is growing be the minute. 2BM Digital will help you sort the data through agile teamwork. All IT projects should originate from and be supported by the Design Thinking process through their entire lifecycle. 2BM has expertise within Design Thinking which will ensure you a well-argued solution, where we zoom in on you as a customer and explore your actual needs.

Process optimization


User-centric applications


IoT, analytics & predictions



Do you need help creating the right strategy for your digital transformations? We can help you through Design Thinking workshops that will quickly and effectively give you a better insights through inclusion of all relevant stakeholders and prototyping.

Our team is ready to help you safely carry your projects through all stages using agile methods like Scrum and continuous delivery pipelines.

Are you looking for simple and effective user-centric applications for your end-users? We have a broad experience in this and are ready to help you succeed. Our solutions work on desktops, BigBoards, and mobile devices.

Does your digital strategy require development of custom apps and solutions? Would you like these solutions to follow SAP standards like Fiori and ensure a broad and easy access to support afterwards? Our experienced Fiori Custom App developers can help you realize all of this.


Internet of things

JAVA, ABAP & Odata


SAP Gateway


SAP Cloud


API Hub & Management




Analytics, Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence


Fiori, UI5, IOS & SEAM



Today, things are moving faster than ever. Businesses do not only rely on high data quality collected through apps and sensors, but also on deep and dynamic data insight and creativity. If these factors are present, new businesses can be developed and existing can be improved.


The best digital solutions are developed iteratively, using prototypes that accommodate all possible users of the solution.

Design Thinking workshops are organized according to your needs. Together, we develop the right solutions that ensure you an agile and well-organized transformation towards a smarter business.

To learn more about our Design Thinking workshops and how to book a free intro meeting or workshop, go to 2BM Design Thinking.


In 2BM Digital, we work with agile project management including Scrum. We prioritize communication and sprints so that solutions are continously improved and adjusted according to the progress. By focusing on smaller bits in a project, you can get small parts of the solution tested while working on the larger project.

We have experts within the fields of Design Thinking, Agile teamwork and Scrum that are capable of delivering high level and user-centered solutions that will accommodate your needs. The combination of the three main fields allow us to work with small bits at a time through agile managment and to always reflect and do daily mini-meetings with Scrum. Design Thinking focuses on the user and how the solution can accommodate user needs. With a Design Thinking mindset, we make sure that the end-solution develops through a process of sprints, so that you will find yourself with a solution that is better than what you would have imagined.


2BM has a broad experience in helping companies set up the launchpad, both on the Gateway and in the Cloud, where it’s called Cloud Portal. Over the years, we have gained a deep understanding of the many SAP standard apps and know how to exploit their full potential. 

If you need to launch different SAP Fiori applications, then SAP’s Fiori Launchpad is a very good starting point.

  • The Launchpad can be configured to automatically adjust and match the user backend roles.  
  • The user only sees and has access to open Applications/Tiles that are relevant for him or her. 
  • It’s possible to add Tiles that are configured as links to applications and any other websites.  



For any standard app you plan to install, you should carefully investigate if your processes fit the way that the app works. If they don’t, you either have to change your processes, extend the app, or have us build a custom app instead. There can be many hidden problems in the project of installing standard applications and therefore we highly recommend starting the project with a Design Thinking workshop facilitated by us, where the processes and needs are investigated and mapped out. This ensures that you do not spend money on installing the wrong app.


By using SAP’s standard development framework to build custom solutions, we ensure that the solution you get is standardized and follow SAP design and development guidelines. This secures easy change requests and corrections for any developer that are familiar with SAP standards.

The standards we use

  • SAP Fiori for UI5 to develop online and offline desktop and mobile solutions for Android, Windows and IOS.
  • SAP Fiori for IOS to develop online and offline mobile solutions for IOS only.
  • SAP BUILD mockup tool that generates frontend code following the SAP standards.
  • SAP RMAD for Rapid Mobile Application Development for IOS only.
  • SAP Digital Board Room built on SAP Analytics Cloud

All the apps we build are based on the output from a Design Thinking workshop that we facilitate before the Development start. This secures a right path from day one in the development phase.

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SKOV – 2BM Mobile Work Order

SKOV is a world leading provider of climate and farm management solutions. For more than 40 years, SKOV has developed ventilation systems, production computers and management programs to customers all over the world, ensuring high productivity and animal welfare.

DSB – Mobile Plant Maintenance

Train maintenance at DSB is a challenging task that is carried out by skilled, self-managed service technicians. Often, the trains are at the maintenance plant for only 30 minutes before they are needed elsewhere. Trains are long and it takes time to walk from one end to the other, and maintenance is governed by strict safety legislations. DSB wanted to get rid of their paper based maintenance process in order to ensure their workers quick access to updated work and maintenance instructions and technical documentation.

SAP flourished at large pharmaceutical company

The customer was facing the issue every SAP system user faces; a user experience that kept on degenerating in the classic SAP and Enterprise Portal view. The customer wanted to have a user interface that was mobile and intuitive in order to meet the expectations of any IT user living today.

Jysk – Upgrading of global SAP Portal UI to new UX

The JYSK HR Portal is used in all the JYSK stores around the world, and as the solution was aging, an upgrade was planned. The needed upgrade included several requirements besides a new user experience. The new solution is based on SAP’s cutting edge technologies – such as SAPUI5, Fiori as well as SAP Netweaver Gateway.

Banedanmark – GPS Tracking & Intelligent Logbook

For Banedanmark, 2BM has implemented a GPS tracking solution that equips all service vehicles and rolling stock with hardware containing GPS receivers and cellular data communication (GSM).

Grundfos – SAP Fiori

By applying modern design principles SAP Fiori is the new user experience (UX) for SAP software. Together with the customer it was decided to do a rapid POC of 7 apps within SAP Travel and SD to help Grundfos evaluate the applications

Banedanmark – Mobile Work Order

2BM Mobile Work Order is an iPad application used by 600 maintenance technicians at Banedanmark. When working in the field, maintenance technician can easily get an overview, of all work orders assigned to them with always up-to-date information.

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