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At 2BM, we believe that innovation and great user experiences create more value on all levels. We are constantly working on developing and revolutionizing software and IT, to enhance the user experience and optimize your business processes. Design Thinking is a user-centric and team-based approach, which we use to develop, innovate and integrate people, technology and business. Based on an in-depth understanding of your needs, we work with prototyping, testing and validation of ideas that best combine function, user needs and aesthetics.

“The design thinking workshop with 2BM helped us move fast in the design process, doing what usually takes months to brainstorm, analyze and plan in order to deliver a prototype in just one week. We found out what works best for us, how the new technologies can be applied and what our users need from the application. It is very powerful to transform data and ideas into actionable prototypes in just 1 week.”

Ole Moth Madsen

Project Manager for IT and Business Systems, SKOV

Balanced design & business mindset

We work to with a team bases and user-centric approuch to develop integrate and innovate people, technology and bussiness.

Multi-disciplinary teams

We combine  users, IT and business and our own experts to spark innovative ideas and create optimal user-centric solutions


We work with tools and methods like whiteboards, postits, journey mapping, personas, mind mapping, interviewing and rapid prototyping

We are your Guides

Don’t worry if you don’t feel creative. We facilitate and guide you through the whole process and make sure we reach our goal

SAVe time & money with 2BM design thinking

The 2BM Design Thinking enables you to fast-forward into the future to see your finished product and users reactions,

before making any expensive commitments.

2BM design Thinking enables us to avoid the endless-debate and design cycle and compress months of time into a single week. Instead of waiting to launch a minimal viable product to understand if an idea is any good, you’ll get clear data from a realistic prototype ready to start building and implementing.

Based on the user and your challenges, our Design Thinking process starts by assembling a multi-disciplinary team that combines a group of our experts with employees and users across your business. We help to define and understand your challenges, ideate on possible solutions, create prototypes and validate the best solutions for your challenges. We do this by working with tools like journey mapping, personas, mind mapping, sketching and rapid prototyping.



We investigate and analyze cross-border needs and challenges in your business.



We define, redefine and clarify your challenges and needs based on our research.


We ideate and conceptualize possible solutions and select the best ideas.


We build prototypes and visual mock-ups based on the chosen solution proposals.


We test and validate solutions and provide our building & implementation suggestions.

KEy benefits

  • Save time and money by optimizing your process from idea to implementation
  • Understand your users & develop solutions that will solve real problems and create better user adoption
  • Get a visual mock-up, prototype or MVP of the best solution for your challanges – ready to test, build & implement
  • Stakeholders work together to reach a common goal
  • Optimizing time and minimizing flawed projects

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About 2bm

2BM is a leading consulting and software development company that brings tomorrow’s technology into today’s business practices. In 2000, the company was founded with a purpose to support forward-thinking and quality-conscious companies and organizations, primarily with mobile Enterprise solutions. Since then, the company has grown from being one of Denmark’s and the Nordic region’s leading specialist companies to being a strategic full service provider focused on delivering optimized business value across technologies, platforms and products. 2BM has worked with Enterprise Mobility since 2000 and continue to be at the forefront of mobile solutions bringing great value to large Enterprises.

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